CB21-032- how to clean, store, and organize rubber stamps

How to Clean, Store, and Organize Rubber Stamps

If you love stamping, you probably have a good collection of stamps of all kinds. Rubber stamps, in particular, can last a long time so that you may have quite a few at any given moment. To keep them in the best condition, you need to know how to clean, store, and organize rubber stamps. 

To clean rubber stamps, wipe them down with baby wipes and organize them. Separate them based on size, style and favorites, then store them flat out of direct sunlight. 

Airtight containers with separators work well for organizing stamps into groups. With the right container, you can label and number your stamps. As long as you clean your stamps after each use and have a designated place to put them, you’ll never lose them. 

Organization helps you use your work faster and make your stamps last longer. Keep reading for ways to clean, store and organize your stamps than you knew existed. 

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How to clean rubber stamps

To clean rubber stamps, use a gentle cleanser without alcohol. Any cleanser too strong will damage the stamp. The best cleaner for stamps is always mild soap and water.

How to clean rubber stamps with stamp cleaner

To clean rubber stamps with a stamp cleaner:

  1. Spray on the cleanser and gently wipe the ink off your stamp.
  2. Don’t forget to give both sides of the stamp a rinse after washing away ink.
  3. Wash and dry with a lint-free cloth to avoid leaving fibers behind.

Stamp cleaner is a safe cleaning option. Using a proven cleaner will help avoid damage. However, stamp cleaners are made of different solutions, so it may be hard to decide which is the best. Some cleaners can get pricey. 

You may find simple cleaners made of glycerin and water work best. If you have those ingredients, try a homemade stamp cleaner recipe of your own to save money.

To clean rubber stamps with a stamp cleaner, you can use a stamp scrubber pad to make the process easier.

  1. Spray the stamp scrubber with your stamp cleaner. 
  2. Stamp down on the scrubber to remove any ink left behind 
  3. Rub the stamp across the scrubber until any stuck-on ink is removed.

Always make sure to rinse or wipe away any cleaner left behind on the stamp. You can also rinse your stamp pad with water after each use. 

How to clean rubber stamps with dawn dish soap

To clean rubber stamps with dawn dish soap, make your own solution and put it in a spray bottle. You can also fill a dish soap and water container and use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your stamp. Be sure to dilute and rinse your stamps, so no soap is left behind after cleaning. 

To clean rubber stamps with dawn dish soap step by step:

  1. Add a few drops of dawn to 1 cup of water.
  2. Add the solution to a spray bottle.
  3. Shake the solution to mix it up.
  4. Spray your stamp. 
  5. Use a lint-free cloth or towel to wipe away any ink.

The best part about this method is storing your solution and having your own stamp cleaner for next time. 

If you find your solution is too soapy, pour the cleaner in your dishwater and start over with a little less solution. If the solution is not soapy enough, add one more drop at a time.

How to clean rubber stamps with baby wipes

Using a baby wipe is a simple way to clean your stamps. Baby wipes are gentle, and it’s easy to fold the wipes to clean the grooves of the stamp. 

After using a baby wipe, you can throw them away, making it easy to get rid of the messy ink. They also won’t leave behind a linty residue like some cloths or paper towels. 

However, not all baby wipes are made with the same formula, so be careful which you choose. Try sensitive or water wipes that don’t contain lanolin or alcohol.

To clean your stamps with baby wipes:

  1. Fold your wipes into a square.
  2. Stamp and wipe your stamp across the wipe on a flat surface.
  3. Use the edge of the wipe to clean out any grooves or hard-to-reach places.

How to store and organize rubber stamps

Store rubber stamps on a flat surface away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. Stamps can dry out too much if left in the sunlight, so it’s best to place them inside a container in the dark. 

Ideally, your container should be clear so you can see in, but store the container where natural light won’t damage them.

Laying a stamp on flat surfaces ensures you don’t get dents in your design. A bumpy surface can cause ridges and make your stamp unusable. You can set your stamp upright to protect the outline if you prefer.

It’s best to organize your stamps by use. Place the stamps you use the most on top. Make it easy on yourself and stack containers to see the stamps in each case.

Many stamps have themes, so you can sort your stamps into categories. Keep letters, flowers, hearts, and animals in different containers, so you know how to find them quickly. Labeling them by a name like “alphabet” and numbering each stamp will help you get back to them and see what’s missing. 

Totally Tiffany takes it a step further by printing a stamp guide, so she knows how to find them again. 

Storing your stamps by type is also helpful. Put wood-mounted rubber stamps in one area and unmounted stamps in another. By doing this, you can store your stamps more efficiently. Unmounted stamps can fit into folders, while wood stamps may need a larger container. 

Here are some storage options for both mounted and unmounted rubber stamps.

Tote drawer

A tote drawer makes it easy to see and access your stamps. The drawers can hold quite a few stamps but will fit nicely on top of a desk or in a small space. Choose a tote drawer for all kinds of rubber stamps and use each drawer to categorize your stamps.

Flat totes

Flat totes, also known as slim portable project cases, are among the best ways to store rubber stamps. A flat tote is a versatile storage option. You can stack them totes shelves in craft rooms, drawers, or garage shelves. Since you can see through them and label them, it’s easy to find what you want. If you have a lot of stamps to store, you can buy them in a ten-pack on amazon.

Stamp store and go bags

Stamp store and go bags were made for rubber stamps. The flat bags are see-through and close with a velcro tab. Each bag has a handle making them portable and easy to move around your craft room. You can fill the bags and lay them flat or stack them up like books. They make it easy to store and use your stamps from one container.

Photo cases 

Photo cases are plastic boxes with a handle. They close like briefcases and sometimes have smaller boxes inside for further organization. Photo cases are great if you have a lot of similar stamps but need them separated into different categories. 

For example, letters can all go in one case, but you may want to put uppercase letters in one box and lowercase in another. The cases are big enough to add anything similar, like numbers and phrases.

Unmounted rubber stamps can even slide in between the pages of a photo album. Photo storage is an excellent way to store stamps.

36 slot ink pad holder

Inkpad holders can also hold stamps. If you use your stamps frequently, these work great for quick access on your desk or craft table. They look like a bin for letters, but some are a little too short for a business envelope. The best part about inkpad holders is hanging them up and creating a mailroom atmosphere. 

These won’t work for hundreds of stamps because you won’t be able to lay very many in one stot. You will need to organize your stamps by row or section if you have a lot. A stackable tray with labels works well for organizing and color-coding sections.

Clear plastic seal bags

Clear plastic seal bags work well for storing unmounted rubber stamps. You may even have some of these already in your craft area. The bags are used for storing paper crafts and scrapbooking pages. The seal bags look like manila envelopes, but they’re clear, resealable, and more durable. Consider storing your stamps and laying them flat in drawers if you have a few.

Binder for unmounted stamps 

Fat binders work best for unmounted rubber stamps. You can fit your stamps between pages and label each binder. The binders easily fit on a bookshelf for easy access or can be placed in drawers. 

It’s easy to label binder pages, so you know exactly which page to turn to for your stamps. Binders are a good option if you’d like to number each of your stamps as well. 

You can use a large square storage binder that offers more room for a big collection of stamps. Stamp storage binders open up like a box but have all the benefits of a fat binder.

As another option, If you only have a few unmounted stamps, store them in folders. They align well with large binders with unmounted stamps in them. 

Plastic DVD/ CD holders and stands

Plastic storage cases can be filled with stamps and stored like books. You can stack them on bookshelves or on DVD and CD stands. But you don’t have to shop for plastic cases if you have CD and DVD cases lying around. 

Of course, this works best if you have clear cases, but any bright orange or black cases you have will work too. You colored DVD cases for color coding and organizing by style. 

Plastic drawer organizers

Plastic drawer organizers work great for small spaces. When you can’t stack your stamps on shelves and walls, organizers can stack your stamps out of sight. Label each box, so you know where to find your stamps in a drawer or closet. 

Vintage wooden case

Wooden cases are a way to bring design into your storage. Choose this option if you are thinking of your overall craft room design. Be sure not to store any wooden boxes near places they can get wet. 

Pencil boxes 

Pencil boxes will work similarly to tote boxes or photo cases. The difference is they are a bit smaller, but you may already have a few on hand. 

If you don’t have too many stamps of one kind, these work well to organize and separate your different types. Choose a clear pencil box so that you can see each stamp. However, other colors would work for color-coding by type.

Storage baskets

Storage baskets work well on shelves with square slots or for quick access on top of your desk or craft table. They are best if you have a few stamps you use regularly. Storage baskets can be difficult for labeling each stamp if you have a large amount. This method is best for avid stamp users but may not work for collectors.

Summary: Clean, store, and organize rubber stamps

Cleaning, storing, and organizing your rubber stamps can seem like a challenging task if you have a lot of stamps. But simple storing solutions like binders, folders, and totes will make it easy to keep up with your stamps. Choosing a method that works best for you will also help you stay organized in the future. 

Storing dirty stamps won’t help with the organization process, so clean your stamps after each use. Try cleaning your stamps with dawn dish soap or baby wipes to make the process easy. Clean stamps look great and are easy to find when placed into their designated container. 

Whether you choose to separate your mounted and unmounted stamps by size, style, or decor, you’ll be able to get to them quickly. Your next project is just one stamp away with a clean organized system.