CB21-010 - how to clean clear stamps (Removing ink from stamps)

How to Clean Clear Stamps? (Removing ink from stamps)

Stamps are a beautiful asset to scrapbooks and other craft projects, but cleaning them can be a chore. If you forgot to clean your stamps and now you’re ready for a new project you’ll need to know how to clean clear stamps.

Clean clear stamps, cling stamps, or rubber stamps by wiping away the ink with soap and water. Other tools like paper towels, toothbrushes, baby wipes, or special cleaning pads, clear stamps can make cleaning quick and easy.

Imagine, having stamps just as clean as the day you bought them. You don’t have to worry about accidentally spreading ink in unwanted places.

Fortunately, it is possible to clean your stamps.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to clean your stamps and remove all the ink. I’ll show you some of the best tricks for getting stamps cleaned and tell you the best cleaners for the job. You’ll have clean stamps in no time!

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How to clean clear stamps

Clean clear stamps by using mild cleaners like soap and water and gently rub the ink away. Stay away from harsh cleaning materials that might hurt the acrylic. Bleach, acetone, and oil can all break down the stamp. 

The best cleaner and tools depend on preference, but no matter what you use you’ll follow two simple steps. 

  1. Spray your stamp with cleaner or soap and water
  2. Wipe away the ink and blot the stamp dry 

Use a cleaner or soap and water along with a baby wipe, towel, or stamp scrubber and wipe the ink away. Prepare to do a little scrubbing if your stamp has stuck on ink. 

It’s ok to soak clear stamps for a short amount of time in gentle soap and water before rubbing away the ink. However, be careful when it comes to soaking in your sink as you run the risk of leaving behind a stain. 

You should clean your stamps after each use as it’s easier to wipe the ink away. Ink becomes stuck on the stamp with the more it’s used without cleaning. You’ll need to wash away the previous colors used on your stamp to avoid mixing with other ink pads.

Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you washed your stamps. You have options to remove stuck on ink.

How do you remove ink from stamps?

To remove ink from stamps, wash with soap and water or use a gentle stamp cleansing spray or alcohol. Nothing works better for cleaning stamps than water on water-soluble inks. The key to clean stamps is to wash your stamp immediately after using them. 

Here are a few ways to clean clear stamps:

Mild soap and water

You may need to use soap for ink that has dried into the stamp or is water resistant. Soap and water will work with any cleaning cloth.

Choose a double-sided stamp scrubber to make your job easier. Spray the soap and water on one side and wipe away the ink. Rinse your stamp and use the other side to dry and clear away the last of the ink.

Baby wipes

Do baby products work well for everything, or do we use baby products for everything because we have them on hand? I don’t know, but baby products just seem to work for everything. 

Wipes work great because you can fold them and get into the corners of the stamp. After you’ve wiped the stamp, simply rinse and allow it to air dry. 

Baby shampoo works well too if you need a little extra cleaning power.

Stamp cleaning spray and pad

Stamps come with their own tools to help you clean them after use. The Stamp Shammy by Lawn Fawn and Ultra Clean Spritz Cleaner are perfect examples. 

A stamp cleaning pad and spray may be worth the purchase. Stamp cleaners and cloths allow you to get a lint-free clean fast. Check out this video if you want to see how to clean clear stamps with a cleaning pad and spray.

How do you clean Versamark ink off stamps? 

You may need to soak your stamps to clean Versamark ink off. Once you’ve allowed time for the ink to soak, spray and wipe to remove the ink. Versamark ink is considered a stickier ink, which may require more effort to remove. Always clean versamark ink off your stamps immediately after use for best results.

Versamark ink is used for embossing powder and is water-resistant. Therefore, it may take a little more work to get the ink off of the stamps due to its water resistance. The ink can leave behind a sticky residue that is difficult to get off with a paper towel alone. 

Versamark has its own cleaner that comes with the stamp pad. If you don’t have Versamark cleaner, choose alcohol or something soapy. 

Versamark ink is oily, so a dish soap designed to get oil out will work best. If you just pictured the Dawn bottle with the duck in oil, you’re on the right track. This would be a good time to break out a scrubber or toothbrush to gently remove all the ink. 

How do you remove stains from rubber stamps?

To remove water-soluble ink stains from rubber stamps use warm water and a stamp cleaning pad. Use an alcohol wipe for more stubborn ink stains. Be careful not to soak your rubber stamps because it will loosen the adhesive. 

Here are a few ways to clean rubber stamps:


Water alone works best for preserving rubber stamps. After you’ve finished using your stamp, rinse with water and wipe with a damp sponge. Then take a dry sponge or lint-free towel and blot dry carefully checking each nook and cranny for more ink.

Use a toothbrush or nail brush 

A toothbrush is great for stamps with smaller designs. Brushes work to scrub away ink that has gotten stuck in little corners of your stamp. The best part about a toothbrush is soft brushes are made to be gentle, so it won’t strip away the rubber.

A Rubber Scrubber

A rubber scrubber is a silicone dish sponge that works well for cleaning stamps. The silicone tool is popular for replacing regular dish sponges. The hardest part of cleaning rubber stamps is choosing a product that is gentle, but abrasive enough to wash ink away. The non-toxic material works great for larger stamps.

The Double Stamp Scrubber

The double stamp scrubber is a classic two-sided option that allows you to use one side to clean off the ink and the other side to rinse or dry. The case the scrubber comes in ensures your towel is ready to be used without much prep. Feeling crafty? You can make a double stamp scrubber on your own. 

What are the best stamp cleaners?

The best stamp cleaners are reusable products like the Stamp Shammy and cleaners like Simple Green that won’t damage your stamps. A tool that can help you get the ink off in less time is the best option.  

Here are some of the best stamp cleaners:

Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Simple green is a popular biodegradable cleaner that removes ink with a paper towel. The website suggests you use a rubber brush or old toothbrush to clean rubber stamps with stubborn ink stains.  

The Stamp Shammy by Lawn Fawn 

As mentioned above the Stamp Shammy by Lawn Fawn is a reusable cleaning cloth. The cloth is moist and able to be used right out of the bag, but all you need to do is add water to use it. To use the Stamp Shammy, wipe the stamp across the stamp and let your stamp air dry. 

See it on YouTube

Ranger Clear Stamp Cleaner

Ranger Ink clear stamp cleaner is a stronger ink cleaner that will work on water-based and water-resistant ink. The remover is non-toxic and will work on both clear acrylic, polymer, and rubber stamps. 

Tonic Studios Nuvo Stamp Cleaning Pad

The Nuvo Stamp Cleaning Pad is designed to clean both rubber and clear stamps. The pad works with water or the Nuvo Cleaning Solution to wash away a variety of inks. The pad has a convenient magnetic open and close case making it easy for travel. 

Summary: How to clean clear stamps

By now you should see that cleaning clear stamps and rubber stamps is a breeze. All you need is the right tools to get your stamps clear again. 

Water works best for cleaning your stamps, especially if you are cleaning them right away. For best results, you should try to clean your stamps after each use. This way you don’t have to worry about blending colors. 

If you use water-resistant or Versamark ink you may need to use soap and water to clean your stamps. Dish soaps like Dawn or even baby shampoo can provide you with enough bubbles to get the job done. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have amazing tools like the Stamp Shammy. You can use what you have on hand like baby wipes, alcohol wipes, or a toothbrush. Most tools will work on both clear stamps and rubber stamps, so you won’t need a separate plan for cleaning them. 

One major difference between clear and rubber stamps is soaking rubber stamps will loosen the adhesive.

For stubborn stains, always be gentle and do your best to clean your stamps right away.