CB21-036 - how to use washi tape in planner or bullet journal

How to use washi tape in planner or bullet journal

How do you use washi tape in a planner or bullet journal?

To use washi tape in a planner or bullet journal, decorate and organize by using the tape as stickers and labels. With washi tape, you can create tables, tabs, and decorate each page. 

One way to use the rolls of washi tape you’ve collected over time is by planning and organizing. To get the most out of your tape, you’ll need to know how to use washi tape in a planner or bullet journal.

A bullet journal may start off blank, but with washi tape you can customize each page. The tape can be used to help you reach your goals or have fun decorating your lists. Washi tape works for both business and fun.

Keep reading to learn how to use washi tape to decorate and organize your life. 

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How do you use washi tape in a planner or bullet journal?

To use washi tape in your planner or bullet journal, place it for design and organization. Use washi tape to color code, mark important dates, tab and label important pages, and separate your journal into sections. 

You can use your washi tape in your planner and journal simply to decorate. Because washi tape is so versatile it works as more than just stickers or tabs. You can create pictures from cutouts and make custom columns to create the lists you need.

With a journal you start out with a blank page, so you can use washi tape to add the tables and lines you need to write on. Washi tape can be used to help you scrapbook as well. Use the tape to add pictures and note pages that are important.

Use washi tape to create the custom journal or planner you always wanted. 

How do you use washi tape in a bullet journal?

Washi tape can be used to build the foundation of your bullet journal. When bullet journaling you are given a blank slate to create a system using spreads and logs. Washi tape can help you make a monthly or weekly calendar and a checklist for your future logs

This video shows you 10 ways to use washi tape in your bullet journal:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/1pK9SyPl_zE” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here are ways to use your journal as outlined in the video. 

  • Highlight and index a page with washi tape on the side
  • Page border/header/footer
  • Scrapbooking and decorating by taping down note pages and pictures
  • Dividers for different sections on a page
  • Fill any empty space after filing out your journal for color and design
  • Use thin washi tape for tables and columns
  • Tabs and page labels
  • Covering up mistakes 

With bullet journals, you can use your washi tape in all of the imaginative ways you do when you draw or use stickers. You get extra points for using washi tape as art. 

What is washi tape used for in planners?

Washi tape is used as an organizational tool in planners. It also adds an element of design and customization. 

You can use washi tape in planners like you would stickers and labels. Washi tape makes it easy to find things, cover up mistakes, and create color-coded lists. 

The tape can also hold down notes from other pages and add durability by reinforcing rips and tears in your planner. If you happen to spill coffee in your planner like someone I know, you can use washi tape to cover it up. 

Suddenly your coffee stain isn’t a reason to toss out your planner. It becomes a design element for you to use your washi tape on. Now you’ve got a few coffee-themed pages in your planner or journal. 

How do you use washi tape in a planner?

Use washi tape in a planner to mark important dates, sections, and create checklists. In a planner, you usually already have a starting point. Your planner is used to create order and washi tape can help with that. 

By marking off important dates and color coding as you design you can create a colorful and useful system. 

Here are some ways to use washi tape in a planner. 

  • Labels
  • Tabs 
  • Outline calendars/ create more sections
  • Across dates on the calendar to show week-long important dates
  • Page borders 
  • Index a page
  • Divider between lists
  • Color coding tasks
  • A checklist box
  • Design making mountains, flags, flowers, or cakes

If you have a planner that isn’t laid out the way you like you can use washi tape to redesign and change the sections or create more. Make the planner work for you.

What is so special about washi tape?

Washi tape is special because it can be used as a sticker or like tape. It’s thin enough to fit inside your book without making the pages bulky. It takes the place of stickers, tape, dividers, and labels in one roll. 

When choosing to use washi tape you’ll find an unlimited number of designs and colors to choose from. You even create your own designs. Washi tape is customizable and can truly represent you, so you’re able to design and organize all with one product. 

Here are a few things that make washi tape so special:

  • Can combine different sizes to get different effects 
  • Decorative and organizational 
  • Can be written and drawn on
  • Unlimited designs
  • Delicate so it won’t make your book bulky
  • Get more use in one roll than a page of stickers
  • Adds durability/ reinforces journal pages

In a word, washi tape is so special because it’s versatile. Anything you can dream up you can do with washi tape. In most cases, all you need is something to spark an idea to get your creativity going. 

The best part is when it comes to planning and journaling they are useful activities that can help you set goals. It is something special about having a plan and checking off lists as you complete your goals. 

Since you’re a crafter creating and categorizing your goals with flair makes them special.

Can you write on washi tape?

It’s possible to write on washi tape. The tape is delicate like masking tape and can be written on like paper. Different designs will make it more difficult to see your writing. However, both markers and pens can be seen on washi tape.

Washi tape works well in planners and journals as a header. You can cover up sections that you don’t need and label them for your own use. Whether you need to redesign or create a new section use your washi tape to write the new name.

When I spilled coffee on the page I didn’t lose the page. I could write on the washi tape by creating boxes or lines. I could also tape note pages or post-it notes onto the page and write on top of the tape to label each new category.

Summary: How to use washi tape in planner or bullet journal

Now you see that washi tape can be used to arrange an entire bullet journal from scratch. Whether you are categorizing an entirely new section or classifying the ones already in a planner washi tape can help. 

The tape is so special because it’s versatile. Not only can you label columns you don’t want, but you can also create brand new ones from scratch. Organize your life with some design flair. Use your creativity to create an ordered list, scrapbook, and create art. 

With washi tape, you can’t make a mistake in your planner or journal. The tape can cover up any design flaw, even on other pieces of tape. Layer and write on your tape to give your planner or journal a new look. 

Get ready to crush those goals and check off your to-do lists with style, thanks to all that washi tape.