CB21-003 - Is glitter flammable (Safe glitter for candles)

Is Glitter Flammable? (safe glitter for candles)

You want to make a glitter candle, but you need to know is glitter flammable?

Some glitter is flammable, but most glitter is not safe to ignite. Igniting the wrong glitter can cause rapid combustion and toxic fumes. Check the label to find out if your glitter is flammable. Contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about your specific glitter. 

Imagine, finding the right glitter to make the perfect glitter candle. You don’t have to worry about polluting your house or the environment, because you are using an acceptable glitter.

Not all glitter is created equal.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you what glitter is made of and which glitter is safe to ignite. I’ll give you the brands of glitter which are flammable and where you can get them. You’ll be able to craft in no time!

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Is glitter flammable?

Glitter can be flammable depending on the material, but not all glitter is safe to ignite. Flammable glitter will be identified on the packaging or label.  It’s best to assume your glitter is not flammable if you don’t have the packaging or label.

It will be easier to determine if you can use your glitter in a flammable project if you find out the  material. Contact the maker of your glitter and ask or check the label or packaging.  

Traditional glitter and craft glitter are usually made of plastic which is flammable. It takes a high temperature to ignite glitter, but if it’s exposed to an open flame it can catch fire. 

Glitter is often used in candle projects. However, candles burn hotter over time. Adding an unknown glitter to your candle project can result in rapid combustion of the candle.Therefore, it’s best to not risk adding an unknown glitter to a candle project.

Unfortunately, there’s no specific recipe for glitter. Common materials used in glitter can produce toxic fumes if ignited. It’s very hard to know what you’re getting and if it will ignite. Most commonly, all you have to go on most is glitter size and small particles burn fast. 

That being said, your desire to make things sparkle and burn still has a chance. There are glitter options specifically for making candles and other hot projects that can withstand the heat. Your project depends on the material of your glitter.

What is glitter made of?

Glitter is made of microplastic such as copolymer or aluminum foil, while craft glitter is made up of mostly paper. The trick to glitter is it’s made of “glitter,” which is an undefined material. The only requirement of making glitter is that it sparkles and shines. 

Most people would be surprised to learn what glitter is made of and the journey it takes through the glitter factory. Once you know how glitter is made it will change the way you think of the glitter you know and love. 

Considering the danger of plastic waste, new materials for glitter have emerged. New options are more environmentally friendly and some are made to withstand high temperatures. 

Environmentally friendly glitter options 

The newest trend in glitter is the biodegradable glitter option. Biodegradable glitter is made from plant cellulose, so it breaks down when it’s tossed. However, biodegradable glitter breaks down over time and should survive your project. 

Biodegradable glitter doesn’t dissolve in water or on your paper projects. The plant cellulose needs to be exposed to bacteria and microorganisms to be broken down over time. 

If you’re interested you can find some online from Today Glitter.

Is it safe to put glitter in candles?

Glitter is not always safe to put in candles. Plastic, paper, and aluminum pose a fire risk when heat is exposed to them. Furthermore, plastic glitter when burned can melt and cause toxic smoke and fumes. 

It’s not a good idea to burn glitter as microplastics already take a while to decompose and burning it extends that timeframe even more. With all the risks it’s best to avoid using glitter in flammable projects altogether. 

Though hope is not lost if you love sparkly things you can always try a safer option. 

Are there any safe glitter brands for candles?

There are safe glitter brands to use for candles. Biodegradable glitter or homemade options work best for candles, wax melts, and for other craft projects. When in doubt, contact the glitter manufacturer to verify if the glitter can be burned.

The craft advice I received was to use fine glitter that won’t cause a flame. However, you still run a high smoke risk. Switch out your glitter with a safer brand to lessen your risk of fire, smoke, and toxic fumes. 

Another option is to take a look around Etsy and shop homemade glitter or soy wax glitters. If you’re like me and waste hours on Etsy window shopping, try using those hours to make your own biodegradable glitter. 

You’ll always need to be careful about heating the materials you choose, but Epsom salt or sugar with food coloring are fun options for homemade glitter. Learn how to make biodegradable glitter and you can have your glitter and burn it too. 

Here are a few glitter brands that claim to be candle and wax melt safe:

Options you can get on Amazon:

It’s important to note that some biodegradable glitter brands are not 100% plastic-free, no matter how glamorous the name brand is. So it’s important to choose an option that you know is safe for fire applications. 

How do you know which brands/types of glitter are safe for fire applications?

You will know which brands or types of glitter are safe for fire applications by the label. Most brands will tell you if you can use them in fire applications right on the packaging or in the description. 

Some of the bigger brands of biodegradable glitter even have tutorials on their website. It’s best to avoid a glitter if you are unsure it’s safe and seek out an option you know is safe for candle use. 

When in doubt about glitter flammability, reach out to the manufacturer and ask. The manufacturer will be happy to let you know. 

Summary: Is glitter flammable?

So if you’ve been wondering, does glitter catch fire? Now you know that it does. The plastic, aluminum, and paper that glitter is made out of are flammable. The microplastics that some glitter is made of can even be toxic to burn. The materials in glitter make the sparkly substance dangerous to you and the environment if not used as directed. 

Since glitter doesn’t have a defined recipe it can be hard to determine what is safe to use in flammable projects. But all glitter-loving pyromaniacs and candle makers have nothing to fear with the awesome invention of biodegradable glitter. 

Plant-based bio glitter is safe to burn and gives a good shine. You can find brands of bio glitter online. However, if you’re an expert crafter, then you can make some sweet or salty glitter options of your own. 

When in doubt about your glitter material, ask the manufacturer and stay away from an open flame. 

Enjoy your next sparkly crafting adventure.