CB21-002 - How do you store and organize washi tape (Storage ideas)

How do you store and organize washi tape? (Storage ideas)

How do you store and organize washi tape?

To store and organize washi tape, separate them by color, size, or design. Then decide whether to proudly display washi tape or tuck them away in a drawer. Storage can double as craft projects that hang on the wall or fit into storage bins. 

Imagine having your washi tape beautifully organized. You can find the right piece of tape at any time.

Organizing and storing washi tape can either look like a work of art or be a disaster.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you the best ways to store and organize washi tape. I’ll show you some of the best tips to get your craft room organized. You’ll be able to turn your drawer full of washi tape into a well organized system!

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How do you store and organize washi tape?

To store and organize washi tape, separate the tape into categories like color, design, and use. The washi tape can be stored out of sight in a drawer or readily visible in your craft room. Make sure the washi tape is visible in such a way that you can see every spool.

Washi tape is different from other forms of tape and is very versatile. The tape can be used as decoration or like regular tape, holding things together. Crafters use the designed piece of tape for labels, planners, journals, and anywhere you can add flair.

The bright colors and designs make it hard to find if you pile it all into a drawer. Therefore, it’s important to find a good organizational system to find your favorite tape. 

How you use your tape is a good example of how to organize it. For example, you might use some of your washi tape as tape and others as pure decoration. Therefore, you might store and organize your washi tape in two bins, one for tape and the other for design.

Before you start storing you’ll need to organize. Take these three steps to get started. 

  1. Layout and separate all your tape.
  2. Organize them into categories that make the most sense for you.
    1. Color
    2. Design 
    3. By use
  3. Store your tape so you can see every spool.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to store and organize washi tape.

What is the best way to organize washi tape?

The best way to organize washi tape depends on your use for the tape. Organize washi tape by color, pattern, texture or material, size, or the specific job or task. For example, you can organize tape to look like a rainbow or group specific patterns.

We can argue about the best way to organize, but we all know it’s by color. We’ve all seen the genius way to organize from “The Home Edit.” Every kid we know has a rainbow collection of books since we all watched “Get Organized” on Netflix. 

The truth is the best way to organize your tape is by how you’ll use it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your organization. 

Why not organize by pattern? When you need plaid, stripes, or flowers you’ll know just where to find them. You can even label your storage box using washi tape labels you made yourself. 

Here are some different methods for organizing washi tape:


Organize your tape in order of the colors of the rainbow. Your washi tape would be organized from left to right by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. 

You can then organize each row by a secondary organizational method, like pattern. For example, solid colors in one row, stripes in the second row, and dots in the third. Here’s a visual representation of what that would look like:

Red Dots Orange Dots Yellow Dots Green Dots Blue Dots Indigo Dots Violet Dots
Red Stripes Orange Stripes Yellow Stripes Green Stripes Blue Stripes Indigo Stripes Violet Stripes
Solid Red Solid Orange Solid Yellow Solid Green Solid Blue Solid Indigo Solid Violet


Place polka dots and stripes in different places, so they are easy to find. 


Separate shiny, smooth and rough-textured tape. Each texture may have different purposes, so categorize them based on when you’ll need them. 


Though most come in tiny spools you can find thicker and wider tape for different jobs. For example, washi comes in 4-inch and 1-inch tape. You can store tape in different sized containers if you have different sized tapes. 


If some of your tapes are for your bullet journal and others for decorating gifts, separate them in the areas you’ll need them in. Use a secondary category like color to find what you need in each washi tape station. 

Ways to Store Washi Tape

There are two main methods of storing washi tape, tucked away or on display. Crafters who like a clean craft room should tuck away their washi tape. Crafters who frequently use washi tape should keep the tape on display.

The first storage method in boxes, drawers, or totes works best if you have a closet or shelf where you store most of your craft supplies. Out of sight and out of mind is the best way for people that love a clean and clear workspace.

The second method is storage in displays for all to see. Pegboards, multi-roll tape dispensers, or washi tape wreaths can be used as an organized design element. 

Keep in mind, many options can be both displayed or tucked away. For example, clear boxes, dispensers, and thread spools look lovely sitting on your desk or tucked away in craft desk drawers. 

Options for storing washi tape tucked away

As mentioned before, store-bought options are simple solutions you can buy to help you organize quickly. Tape dispensers and totes are easy to use, but any kind of container can be hidden in closets or drawers. 

Here are a few other options for storing washi tape tucked away:

  • Tape Dispensers
  • Drinking Straw Dispensers
  • Stacking Totes
  • Tote Drawers
  • Washi Tape Boxes

Ribbon dispensers are a favorite because you have options in not only storage method, but style and price. Store-bought clear dispensers can be tucked away and never need reorganization, simply replace the tape when it’s empty. 

You can still be creative even if you tuck your tape away. Drinking straw dispensers are one way to think outside the literal box. 

What’s fun about straw containers is they can be decorated or left clear so you can see the colorful tape inside. To know what’s inside each container use a piece of washi tape inside to mark where you can find it. 

Options for storing washi tape on Display

Use your art skills or create an organized work area by hanging your supplies on the wall. Homemade DIY options combining totes and pegboards can be used to create a workshop even in a home office. 

Here are some options for storing washi tape on display:

  • Ring Organizer
  • Wooden Thread Racks
  • Paper Towel Holders
  • Jewelry Tree
  • Pegboard 

Use your space to help guide you in making the right decision about how to store your supplies. Jewelry trees and paper towel holders will look lovely sitting out if you have desk space available. However, you can also take desk items like wooden thread racks and hang them to clear desk space.

Craft rooms with small spaces are often organized by hiding things away. However “wasted space” on walls can be used to organize and decorate and won’t feel cluttered if they are sorted and organized functionally. 

Washi tape storage and design tips

When storing and organizing washi tape it is best to think about design and functionality. Make sure you can get to your tape and put it back easily every time. It’s best to change up your design system if getting to your tape creates a big mess.  

Here are some quick tips for storing washi tape:

Always make sure that you can see the colors and design of all your tape. 

Make sure you can see every color and design. You’ll spend all your time searching for what you need if you have tape that is hiding behind something .

Make sure you don’t have to remove spools to get to one in the back. 

You’ll have to reorganize every time if you place spools one on top of the other, even if your tape is in perfect order. Every spool of tape should be easy to access. Your storage system should be designed so that you can get to one spool of tape without disturbing the others. This is particularly important for beautiful hanging rings of tape. 

Be sure your storage craft designs are also functional

As beautiful as a wreath or wall art can be, it’s not helpful if you can’t remove your tape. Be sure you can snap your ring open, remove one spool of tape and close the ring back. You can pop it open when you’re ready to put your tape back and your wreath is still intact. 

A few products make it easy for you to design without giving it extra thought. Try these clear storage boxes so you can see every spool of tape. 

You can also choose to organize using tape dispensers so you can use your tape without ever taking it out of storage.  

Remember, when you organize to not get caught up in common organizing tips. Sure a rainbow looks great, but if you choose to use your tape based on the size it’ll be easier for you to access if you organize by size. 

Summary: How do you store and organize washi tape?

By now you should be able to take a box of unorganized washi tape and create a neat and organized space. Whether you use color, pattern, or size to organize your tape you know that when it comes to storage, functionality trumps design. 

Luckily, washi tape looks great when organized into rings, boxes, or jewelry trees. In fact, washi tape looks great even if you choose to tuck your tape away in totes and boxes on shelves. 

While your workspace should help you determine how you can store your art supplies, try to get creative. A workspace can be created whether you use dispensers, paper towel holders, or pegboards. There’s no reason organizing can’t be as fun as crafting. Good luck.