CB21-025 - how to store copic markers

How to store Copic markers

How should you store copic markers?

Copic markers can be stored either vertically or horizontally, but vertical is preferred. Avoid sunlight, heat, and open flames as these can damage your markers. Ideally, you store copic markers vertically at an angle in either a plastic bin or split office tray.

Imagine, getting your copic markers to last a long time. You can continue to reuse your copic markers without having to buy new ones.

Storing copic markers is fairly easy.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to store copic markers so they won’t break down. I’ll show you some of the best ideas for storing your markers and why vertical storage is preferred. You’ll be organizing your markers in no time!

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How to Store Copic Markers

 You should always store your Copic markers in a cool spot that is not within direct sunlight. It’s also best to store them tilted vertically with the tips pointing down. Do not store these markers anywhere close to heat sources or fire.

Avoid sunlight exposure 

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will ruin your Copic markers. They need to be kept in a cool place that’s not in direct sunlight or fluorescent light. The marker itself can crack and your ink color will fade. Choose a storage space that is free of any sunlight to be safe.

 Exposure to UV rays and fluorescent light breaks down the plastic of the marker body. It can cause the body to crack. It also causes degradation of the ink. The ink colors can fade or change.

Copic markers should last a long time if you store them properly. They’re refillable, so you don’t want the marker’s body to crack.

Store copic markers vertically

Ultimately, storing markers vertically is more about efficiency than anything else. When you store Copic markers lying horizontally, the ink will collect on one side. Don’t worry, laying your marker horizontally won’t ruin them.

You can turn the markers to their other sides and let them sit. This allows the ink to spread from one side to the other. You’ll just have to wait a little while before they’re ready for use.

The best way to store Copic markers is vertically at a tilt. Position the tips down. The tilted position allows the ink to flow down to the tip but not over-saturate it. 

Don’t ever store them straight up and down with the tip pointed up. That allows the ink to flow away from the tip. It may be hard to get your marker to color well if the tip dries out.

Keep Copic Markers Away from Fire and Heat Sources

Copic markers have alcohol-based ink. Alcohol is highly flammable. You don’t want the ink getting too hot or catching fire because they’re too close to an open flame. 

Protect copic markers with proper maintenance

You can keep your Copic markers for a long time if you maintain them properly. Store them in the right position and in a cool, dark environment. Make sure to refill them with ink when appropriate. Also, replace the nib when it gets worn down. 

Should you decide to dispose of one, make sure to do it responsibly. Wipe out any unused ink. Then, recycle the body and the nib when possible.

Should You Store Copic Markers Vertically or Horizontally?

You can store Copic markers vertically or horizontally. However, there are reasons why one position is better than the other. When you store them vertically, make sure they’re tilted with the nib positioned downward. When storing them horizontally, you may have to wait before you can color with them.

Storing Copic Markers Vertically

It is ok to store your Copic markers vertically if you do it correctly. Don’t place them in a bin that doesn’t allow for the space to tilt them. 

Make sure to position the nib down. This is to keep the ink from moving away from the tip and drying out the marker. By tilting the markers, you also keep the nib from becoming oversaturated with ink.

 If you store the markers with the nib pointing up, it becomes dried out. In some cases, you’ll just need to wait for the ink to slide back down toward the nib and get absorbed. You may have to replace your marker in cases where the nib has been dried out for too long. 

Storing Copic Markers Horizontally

You can store copic markers horizontally. When your markers are quite full, storing them horizontally won’t be much different than tilted vertically. There is enough ink that it isn’t able to move away from the nib.

 When the markers are stored horizontally, the ink can settle to one side. If that happens, you may need to lay them on the other sides before you’ll be able to use them effectively. The ink needs a little time to spread back across to the other side. 

Copic Marker Storage Ideas

Copic markers are different from your average markers. They need to be stored properly to get the most out of them and use them for a long time. Store Copic markers either upright or horizontally. Also, make sure they’re not in direct sunlight and they’re kept in a cool place.

The following are the best 3 storage ideas we have for Copic markers. Read on to find one that works for you.

1. Plastic Bin (Vertical)

A deep plastic bin works well for storing Copic markers. You’ll want one that has enough space to allow the markers to tilt. Not only can you easily see what each color is, but your markers will also be ready for use at any moment. 

When the markers are placed in a bin vertically, the ink is not able to move away from the nib. That means you won’t have to wait for it to re-saturate the nib before use.

2. Plastic Bin (Horizontal)

You can also store your Copic markers in a long, shallow plastic bin. When you store them lying flat, it’s best to make sure they’re full of ink. The ink can’t settle away from the nib if the marker body is full.

When there’s less ink in the marker, it can settle to one side. If that happens, you’ll need to turn the markers over to allow the ink time to spread back throughout the body. 

This storage method does not allow you to see what colors are in the bin. You’ll likely have to rifle through them to find what you’re looking for.

3. Organized in Split Office Trays

Whether you choose to store Copic markers vertically or horizontally, you can organize them in office trays that are split into compartments. If you want to store them vertically, choose trays that are deeper and meant for writing implementations. Drawer trays are great for horizontal storage.

The great thing about doing it this way is you can organize your color groups. It’s especially helpful when you’re storing your markers horizontally. This gives you an option that makes it easier to find the color you want. 

Summary: How to store copic markers

As you can see, the best position to store copic markers is vertical. You can store your markers horizontally, but it can lead to the nib drying out. Sunlight, fluorescent and UV lighting, heat and fire should be avoided when storing copic markers.

The best places to store your copic markers are in plastic bins or organized in split office trays. Vertical orientation at a slight angle will help you see which colors the markers are.