CB21-030 - how to make double sided tape

How to make double-sided tape

How do you make double-sided tape?

 Make double-sided tape by looping one-sided tape together or gluing regular tape pieces together. Alternatives to double sided tape include glue sticks, glue dots, and tape runners. The alternative you use will depend on the material you are trying to stick tape to.

 Sometimes you need double-sided tape, but don’t have any on hand. Luckily, there are plenty of other options you have at home that may work.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to make your own double-sided tape. I’ll even show you some of the best alternatives, so you can keep on crafting!

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How to Make Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape can be made by looping regular tape together. You can also glue two pieces of tape together by applying adhesive to the backside of the tape and putting two pieces of tape together before the glue sets.

1. Loop Regular Tape

You can make double sided tape by looping regular tape into “tape bubbles”. Cut a piece of one sided tape and bend it into a loop (adhesive side facing outwards). With one end in each hand, overlap the ends and press them together firmly. 

You now have a tape bubble that is adhesive on both sides when pressed flat.  

This method works for regular Scotch tape, clear packaging tape, and masking tape. Packaging tape’s adhesive will be stronger than regular Scotch tape adhesive.

2. Glue the Non-Adhesive Side of Regular Tape to Itself

You can also use glue to adhere two pieces of regular tape together. Cut two strips of tape that are equal in length. Next, apply an adhesive such as glue dots or glue to the non-adhesive side of each tape strip.

 Let the glue dry slightly so that it is tacky and not completely wet. Then, carefully press the two glued sides of tape together and press firmly. Hold the tape together for a while (around 30 seconds to a minute). This allows the tape to adhere together as it dries. 

You now have a makeshift double sided tape to use as you please.

What Is Double Sided Tape Made Of?

Double sided tape is a pressure-sensitive tape typically made of one or more of the following substances:

  • Foam
  • Film
  • Paper
  • Cloth
  • Silicone, rubber, or acrylic adhesive coating

Some double-sided tapes have the same adhesive coating on both sides. However, others have a different type of adhesive coating on either side (differential adhesive tape). 

What Can Be Used Instead of Double Sided Tape?

Alternatives to double-sided tape include double-sided adhesive sheets, tape runners, glue/glue sticks, and glue dots. Note that not all adhesives work on all surfaces. The alternative you choose will depend on the size of the project, strength of tape needed, and

Let’s explore your double-sided tape alternatives and the pros and cons of each.

Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets

Double-sided adhesive sheets are essentially a larger version of double-sided tape. They’re also known as self-adhesive laminating sheets. If you want to use these sheets as double sided tape, simply cut strips to your preferred size and length.

 They’re not as convenient to use as double-sided tape is. However, they are similarly affordable when compared to double sided tape. 

The sheets also have the advantage of having stronger adhesive than the tape. The sticky bond lasts longer, and you can even cut through double sided adhesive sheets with regular scissors.

Tape Runners

Tape runners are tools that administer acid-free adhesive to surfaces when you press down. They’re also less durable and not as strong as double sided tape due to their size. The adhesive is double-sided, so it works just as double-sided tape would. 

One con to this alternative is that it is more expensive than double sided tape. But what it lacks in affordability, it makes up for in convenience, ease-of-use, and versatility. It’s also clear, durable, and has a long shelf life. 

Additionally, over time, it becomes more affordable than double sided tape since you can buy refills for low prices. 

Glue/Glue Sticks

Depending on your project, glue may work as an alternative to double sided tape. Glue can naturally adhere two surfaces together like double sided tape can. However, not all glues work the same way on the same surfaces. 

Various types of glues exist, including wood glue, craft glue, permanent glue, liquid bond glue, and more. You’ll want to use the right type of glue for your project.

For example, craft glue won’t work well to hold fabric together. For that fix – double sided tape is the most ideal adhesive. Further, hot glue won’t have the same effect as a glue stick. The former is far more durable, while the latter is mainly for light crafts. 

Glue has the perk of working well if you find the right kind. However, the downside is that you can’t use glue/glue sticks for everything you could use double sided tape for. 

Glue Dots

Finally, glue dots work similarly to tape runners and double sided tape. They’re less expensive than the former and about the same price as the latter. This alternative is a cost-effective replacement to double sided tape. 

Another perk is that glue dots are pre-cut and work well on small adhesive projects. Glue dots would be preferable in instances where you don’t want to cut up or waste double sided tape. 

Glue dots are also easier to apply than double sided tape since they can come in dispensers. These make it possible for nearly automatic use. They’re also clear, unnoticeable, and water-resistant.

The main downside is that glue dots are small. Therefore, you have to use a lot of them for larger projects, whereas double sided tape goes a long way. They’re also less durable and not as strong as double sided tape due to their size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is double-sided tape?

Double-sided tape comes in different strength and durability levels. Some products, such as Gorilla double sided mounting tape, are heavy duty (holds up to 30 pounds). Other double-sided tape products are only meant to hold together light fabrics and paper, though. 

What is the strongest adhesive tape?

Double-sided tape is one of the strongest types of adhesive tape you can find. Specifically, 3M VHB double-sided tape is one of the most durable tapes sold today. It can bond to almost any surface, withstand extreme temperatures, and hold a lot of weight.

How do you make double-sided tape stick better?

Double-sided tape’s adhesive is most effective when stored in a dry environment at or close to room temperature. The surface you’re sticking the tape to also should be close to room temperature. 

Further, you can clean your surface with alcohol, then apply double sided tape once it’s dry to stick better. And finally, keeping double sided tape away from UV rays (sunlight) will maintain its stickiness longer. 

What is double-sided tape good for?

Double sided tape is good for using in construction, as well as mounting photos and securing fabrics together. It’s also effective for securing packages, scrapbooking projects, and splicing things together seamlessly.

Is permanent double-sided tape really permanent?

Some double-sided tapes are marketed as “permanent” for industrial or home use. Typically, permanent adhesive tapes only last a few years. Some double sided tape uses permanent adhesive on one side and removable adhesive on the other side. 

Summary: How to Make Double-Sided Tape

If you don’t have double sided tape, you can make your own by making loops out of one sided tape. You can also glue the non-adhesive sides of one sided tape together. In a pinch, other adhesives, such as glue dots, glue, and tape runners, make good alternatives.