CB21-016 - Where to put stickers Best places to store and place stickers

Where to put stickers? Best places to store and place stickers.

I bet you’ve collected a few stickers over the years. Rather than sitting in a drawer, where should you put stickers?

Put your stickers anywhere that makes you happy. Get creative and add stickers to travel gear, sports goods, and furniture. While waiting to use stickers, keep them in a storage binder in a dry organized place to preserve them.

Stickers can fade or lose their stickiness over time if they aren’t properly cared for. Knowing the right conditions for storing stickers will protect them. 

Well-organized and properly stored stickers are easy to find and last once they are placed. Keep reading to learn where you should put your stickers and the best storing conditions for them. 

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Where should I put my stickers?

Put your stickers wherever you want to add cheer. Stickers are made to be used on hard surfaces and on anything such as paper, furniture, electronics, travel, and sports gear. Before you use your stickers, put them in a warm dry space to keep the color and adhesive intact.

Keep in mind, though stickers can be used anywhere there are ideal conditions for using them. Humidity, lighting, and temperature can affect the adhesive on stickers. 

Ultraviolet light and direct sunlight can break down some ink that your stickers are printed with. To preserve stickers, store them somewhere dark and dry between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius or 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How do I store my stickers?

Store your stickers in binders with pockets and photo organization boxes. Sticker storage containers should be dry and able to protect from humidity. 

Any containers that keep moisture and dust out will work well. Simple folders, boxes, plastic drawer organizers, pencil boxes, and totes are great options. If you don’t have anything on hand here are some sticker storage ideas. 

Binders with Pockets

You may have a binder at home and all you need is to add plastic binder pockets. A binder cover with binder pockets is refillable, so you can add more pages over time. Playing card binders also work well for stickers. Now you have something to do with all those binders that were used in the Pokemon and Baseball card collecting days.

Photo Organization Boxes

Photo organization boxes are versatile because they come in large or small. There are options for large clear boxes or storage boxes with smaller inner boxes. With smaller boxes, you can organize by sticker size, shape, color, or type. 

Photo Albums

If you don’t have the space for a box, classic photo albums will do. They close up like folders and have plastic pages that will keep your stickers in place. It’s a great way to display your stickers if you are a collector as well. 

File Folders 

Expanding file folders or accordion folders are file cabinets you can take on the go. Some can stand up on a desk or fit in a file cabinet. File folders have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Some folders come in coupon sizes that are great for 2 x 2 inch stickers.

Sticker Storage Book

Nail Art has a collecting album with 80 slots made specifically for storing stickers. If you have no other ideas why not purchase the Nail Art Sticker Storage Book that was made for storing stickers.

After choosing what you store your stickers in don’t forget to give it some flair by adding some stickers to the outside. 

What is the best way to organize stickers?

The best way to organize stickers is based on how you will use them. Then by a secondary trait like color or size. Organize them into containers or folders that make it easy to see each sticker clearly. 

Stacking all your stickers on top of each other can cause them to stick or fade. It will also make it difficult to find what you are looking for. Seeing the color or messaging on each sticker will help you find them quickly.

How do you categorize stickers?

You can categorize stickers by type, shape, size, and color. Different categories like organizational, business, and occasion are based on how the stickers will be used. If your stickers are for business keep them separate from crafting stickers used for fun. 

It’s always best to start by type and occasion so that you are looking in the right place for the type of sticker you need. You don’t want the stickers you sell on Etsy mixed up with the stickers you’re going to use for holiday cards.

Categorizing your stickers by shape, size, and color helps you finalize your search further. Not only will you be able to find the stickers to ship to a customer you’ll be able to find the right design as well. 

What are the best places to place stickers?

The best places to place stickers are on smooth surfaces that stickers can adhere to. Hard surfaces or sturdy materials can hold stickers until removal.

Here are some of the best places to place stickers:

  • Weights
  • Work Bench 
  • Lunchboxes
  • Nightstands
  • Bookshelves
  • Lamps 
  • Laptops/ Cases
  • Backpacks
  • Camera Cases
  • Binders
  • Journals
  • Drums 
  • Travel Mugs
  • Water Bottles 
  • Skateboards
  • Bluetooth Speakers

The list could go on, but the best place will depend on where you want to express yourself the most. Stickers could be used as motivation, so put them where you could use the most inspiration.

Where should you not put stickers?

Not every place is great for stickers, some surfaces don’t work well with adhesives. The sticker can either cause damage to what you are sticking it to or the sticker won’t stick. Either way no reason to waste a good sticker on material it won’t work with. 

A few surfaces you should avoid are:


While stickers are often placed on clothing, this is not the best place to put them. If you forget to remove the sticker before you wash you’ll leave behind adhesive that will be difficult to remove. Often stickers can’t adhere to soft materials and fall off over time. 


As soon as you take a shower your sticker is coming off anyway, but stickers aren’t meant to go on your body. The adhesive can irritate your skin especially if you have sensitive skin or eczema. The sticker won’t like it much either because oil, hair, and dead skin cells will fill the adhesive breaking it down making it impossible to stick for very long. 

Porous Places

Porous surfaces allow particles and moisture to get through. Many porous places also are textured, which isn’t good for stickers. Textured walls, stucco, and cardboard aren’t smooth and collect moisture and dust that will break down the adhesive on your sticker. Remember moisture and dust aren’t a friend of stickers. Stick to smooth surfaces if you want your stickers to stay in place.

FAQs: Places to display stickers

The best places to display stickers are where they will motivate you and show your creativity. As long as you love the sticker and you can see it there’s no wrong answer. Here are a few questions answered about the best place to place your stickers. 

Should I put stickers on my laptop?

You should put stickers on your personal laptop if you work with it creatively. If you’re working on a company laptop or computer you don’t want to customize it in any way other than adding a protective case. Be sure to check your company policy on what you can display in a workplace setting. 

Keep in mind, stickers can leave behind residue on laptops. The change of lighting where the sticker covers on your laptop can also leave behind discoloration. To protect the surface of your laptop, it’s best to place your stickers on the case and not the laptop itself. 

Be sure not to block any vents on the back or bottom of your laptop. 

Are laptop stickers unprofessional? 

Laptop stickers, while often an expression of yourself, could be considered unprofessional to co-workers. It’s best to check company policy if you will be using your laptop in a work setting before you apply stickers that could damage your reputation or offend anyone.

Stickers on laptops could also pose a security risk if they have too much information about yourself or your company. Don’t add stickers with your favorite star wars characters and then use them in your passwords.  

Is it bad to put stickers on your car window?

It’s not bad to put stickers on your car window, but you may find it difficult to remove sticky residue. Some stickers are made specifically to go on car windows, so start with those, and place and remove them according to instructions.

Following directions ensures they will stick and they can be removed without causing damage or leaving behind residue. It’s actually less risky putting stickers on car windows than on the car itself. 

Will stickers ruin car paint?

Stickers can ruin car paint if you use ordinary paper stickers. Bumper stickers are made from materials designed to go easy on your car. However, the length of time you leave the stickers on and how you remove them matter.  

Be careful when removing the stickers, so you don’t take the paint off along with the sticker. A sticker left on a car for a long time can protect the paint under the sticker, while the rest of the paint slightly changes due to factors like sun damage. 

Luckily, car paint has evolved to deal with these kinds of factors and special stickers made for cars can help with this issue. However it’s important to always use materials made specifically for cars.

Are you allowed to put stickers in public?

Placing stickers on private property or public locations such as libraries and gas stations is considered littering or vandalism. Vandalism and defacement of property are both punishable by law. 

Even the most popular artists get in trouble for spray painting or leaving behind art without a permit. It’s best to keep your stickers on your property or on your person, no matter how beautiful they look. 

Summary: The best places to store and place stickers

The best places to store and place stickers all depend on you and your sticker style. You can store stickers by color, size, shape, and type inside binders or folders of your choice. 

If you love to express yourself you can put your stickers nearly anywhere. But be sure to avoid fabric, porous, and textured surfaces to get the most out of your stickers. 

Since your stickers are an expression of you, be careful when putting them in public places and displaying them at work. Choose to motivate yourself without giving out any personal information if you place them on laptops. 

If you choose to avoid laptops that’s okay too, since stickers work well on laptop cases, backpacks, travel gear, or furniture. Keep your stickers organized and stored in a warm dry space before you place them and they will last a long time.