CB21-013 - Where can I buy stamped envelopes

Where can I buy stamped envelopes?

Where can I buy stamped envelopes?

Stamped envelopes can be purchased online and in the post office, pharmacies, and department stores near you. For business shipping needs, stamps.com and quill.com offer pre-stamped envelopes in bulk. However, the United States Post Office will typically have the best price.

Knowing where to get stamped envelopes will save you time and money. Pre-stamped envelopes will save you the hassle of making two separate purchases. 

Luckily for you, I’ll show you the best place to buy stamped envelopes. I’ll show you where to buy stamps online and where you should avoid buying stamped envelopes. You’ll be able to make a decision on where to buy your stamped envelopes in no time!

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Where can I buy stamped envelopes?

Buy stamped envelopes online and places you regularly shop. The United States Postal Office is a great place to start for buying stamped envelopes. However, you can also buy stamped envelopes in grocery stores, department stores, and your local pharmacy. 

Online shipping services also offer pre-stamped envelopes and discounts for buying in bulk, should you need stamps for business.

United States Post Office

The best place to go to get stamped envelopes is the source, the United States Post Office (USPS). The post office sells stamped envelopes starting at .58 cents for standard envelopes. USPS also offers square, oversized, and unusually shaped envelopes starting at .88. 

Note: Prices are subject to change.


Just like the title suggests, at stamps.com you can buy all the stamps you need. This is a little different than needing to send a few letters occasionally. Stamps.com is for the person who needs to send letters often or for business. 

Stamps.com memberships are for postage on demand. Here you can print your own postage and shipping labels right away. You also have access to postage discounts with a stamps account, so you don’t pay full price for stamps. 

Stamps.com is a great way to get your stamped envelopes and all your shipping needs without leaving home or your business location. 


Local drug stores like Walgreens and CVS often carry stamps and stamped envelopes available for purchase. They are underused for printing, shipping, and stamping needs. The convenient thing about pharmacies like Walgreens is you may even find a mailbox nearby. 


Some department stores, specifically Walmart, will have shipping and western union options in customer service. There you can find stamps and stamped envelopes to fit your shipping needs. The convenient thing about buying a stamp at Target, Walmart, or Costco is they also have the cards, labels, and fun gifts you might want to ship there as well. 

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores like Publix in the South and Winco in the west sell stamps. However, some grocery stores also have stamped envelopes available as well. You can purchase stamped envelopes at Publix, Kroger, Winco, and Wegmans. 

The UPS Store

The UPS store isn’t your official post office. However, the UPS store provides the same products and services as the post office

Your local UPS store may have stamped envelopes on hand, but this isn’t the same for all shipping service companies. Keep in mind, while you may be able to ship packages at FedEx they don’t have an affiliation with USPS. Therefore, you won’t be able to find stamped envelopes at FedEx/ Kinkos.

Local UPS stores are independently owned franchises of UPS and therefore, they have different services than UPS Shipping. 


You can purchase anything on Amazon including stamps. Stamped envelopes are available for purchase in bulk at the online retailer. Purchase anywhere from 20 to 500 stamped envelopes to mail off business or personal correspondence. 


Amazon isn’t the only online retailer that sells stamps. Quill.com specializes in office materials including pre-stamped envelopes. They are great for anyone who has the need to send products or a large number of letters and invitations at once. Quill is the place to go if you need your stamped envelopes in bulk, one pack has 250 envelopes inside.

Where not to purchase stamps

While each of these stores sells stamps and stamped envelopes, it’s important to note that local stores vary. Not all stores that sell stamps have stamped envelopes on hand. 

Some retail stores are independently owned and don’t have access to USPS products. If your local store sells stamps, be sure to call ahead to make sure they have stamped envelopes available. 

Keep in mind, some stores that previously sold stamps no longer have them available. The USPS holds contracts with retailers that may have expired. 

The perfect example of a terminated contract is Staples. You can no longer purchase stamps from Staples, but competitor Office Depot still has them online. 

The fact that the Post Office must have a contract with a store to sell stamps is the reason it’s best to get your stamped envelopes from the source. When stores like UPS sell stamps, in order to make a profit, they must charge a little more for the products. 

When you pay a little extra, you are ensuring that the post office makes money along with the store you purchased from. In the end, you may find it’s worth it for the convenience. If the mark-up is not worth it to you, head straight to the source for your products. 

Can I buy stamped envelopes online?

Stamped envelopes are available to purchase online at bulk shipping companies and the USPS website. The best place to buy stamped envelopes online is from the source, USPS, but Amazon also has stamped envelopes available.  

Anywhere stamps are available in store, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, they are also available at the retailer’s website. 

USPS can take care of all of your shipping needs online. If you need to purchase stamps and stamped envelopes, you can have them shipped to your door. You can even have the post office pick up any packages you have to ship online as well. 

Consider looking into a monthly membership offered online at stamps.com if you are looking for more shipping options for business. 

Summary: Where can I buy stamped envelopes?

You can buy stamped envelopes online and in person at the United States Postal Office. The envelopes can be shipped to your door in 1-3 business days.

If you are out and about you can also check at your local pharmacies, department stores, and grocery stores for stamped envelopes. Often places that offer USPS services like UPS will have stamped envelopes. 

Local stores are all different. If you know your store sells stamps, check ahead of time to see if they also have stamped envelopes on hand. When in doubt, go online and have them shipped to you in the mail. 

Using online retailers and services like stamps.com, quill.com, and Amazon you can have hundreds of stamped envelopes delivered to your door. You can even find monthly services where you can set it and forget it. 

Order your stamped envelopes today, so you can send out letters to loved ones or customers.