CB22-004 - What are the best heat press machines for beginners

What are the best heat press machines for beginners?

What are the best heat press machines for beginners?

Some of the best heat press machines on the market include those manufactured by Fancierstudio, PowerPress, and Cricut. However, the best overall heat press machine for beginners is the Power Heat press by Fancierstudio. The Power Heat press is user-friendly and offers multiple options for heat temperature and time.

A heat press machine is essential for the crafter who loves to make her own T-shirts without buying an expensive screen printing machine.

This article will review and compare some of the best heat press machines for beginners, including our top recommendation. We will also review heat presses for beginners who aren’t looking to spend a lot, are tackling more minor projects, and are using different materials.

We will cover heat presses that are easy to use and different models of heat presses such as clamshells and swing aways. Finally, we will tell you about some heat presses that didn’t make the final cut in our rankings but are still good enough to check out for those just getting started in the heat pressing world.

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What Is the Best Heat Press Machine Overall?

The Power Heat press by Fancierstudio is the overall best heat press for beginners. It is extremely user-friendly and offers many different options for heat temperatures and times. This press is perfect for making T-shirts.

It features a long handle so that you can safely press your desired items without risking burns. This heat press is equipped with a voltage of 110 and wattage up to 1800. It has a built-in timer that can be set as high as 999 seconds. It can also reach a temperature of 699 degrees Fahrenheit (370 degrees Celsius).

The Fancierstudio heat press features typical 15 square inch plates that are coated with Teflon. The advantage of the Teflon makes it easier to clean and prevents your crafting items from burning. It can be tricky to open, but it opens wide for an easy layout of your pressing materials.

You can make virtually any flat surfaced pressed craft with the Fancierstudio Power Heat press, including baby clothes, tea towels, T-shirts, and more.

What Is the Best Heat Press for the Price?

The PowerPress heat press is another great option for beginners. This one is available at an affordable price, making it the best quality for your money. This heat press is another machine built in the clamshell style. It’s great for flat items such as T-shirts, mousepads, and tiles.

The PowerPress heat press also features a timer reaching up to 999 seconds or a little over sixteen and a half minutes. This heat press doesn’t get as hot as the Fancierstudio one. It only reaches up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit (235 degrees Celsius).

This heat press comes equipped with several safety features that are great for beginners. It has an internal chip to prevent the unit from overheating or shocking the user. It has a long handle with a rubber grip to help avoid your hand from slipping during use. Its Teflon-coated heat plate will also help protect you and your craft from getting burned.

What Is the Best Heat Press for Smaller Projects?

Most standard heat presses have plates that measure 15 inches by 15 inches. However, Cricut has a few smaller options perfect for home use and smaller projects. The Easy Press 2 has a plate size measuring 9 inches by 9 inches and is the largest one they make.

It has two heating elements within the unit to allow it to reach a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius). It also acts as an iron and creates steam to help eliminate wrinkles from your craft’s fabric.

Although it’s small, it is mighty and can come up to temperature within one to three minutes. It features a ceramic coating to help prevent your items from burning.

Cricut also makes an Easy Press Mini that is ideal for tiny projects such as shoes, baby hats, or tea towels. This model only weighs a pound and has three easy heat settings. It comes equipped with a base to set it on. It also has an automatic shutoff ability.

The Cricut Easy Press 2 and Easy Press Mini are perfect heat presses for beginners that have small projects. They are great for small home crafting spaces. Their portability also makes them easy to take on the go.

What Is the Best Swing Away Heat Press for Beginners?

While most heat presses are built with a clamshell design, the swing away models have their own benefits. Clamshell heat presses have a top and bottom plate connected by a hinge. Swing away heat presses have the top and bottom plates connected to a central column in the back. The top plate can swing completely away from the bottom plate.

Clamshell heat presses are great for crafting areas that don’t have a lot of space. On the other hand, swing-away heat presses offer more room to arrange the project you are working with on the bottom plate. The best swing-away heat press for beginners is the Super Deal PRO.

Even though it is a swing-away heat press, the plate size is 12 inches by 10 inches so it’s ideal for smaller spaces. This heat press is excellent for making T-shirts, bags, pillowcases, and more. It’s great for beginners because it comes equipped with a digital display screen for the temperature, so you know exactly how much to heat your project.

Like most other heat presses, the plates are Teflon coated to help prevent burns and easily clean. It also sports a large handle for good grip and minimal chance of burning yourself during application.

In addition to the display screen, the Super Deal PRO also has an alarm telling you when your project is done. This is especially helpful for beginners who may have forgotten they have a project in the heat press!

What Is the Easiest to Use Heat Press for Beginners?

The TUSY heat press may not come with all the bells and whistles, but sometimes simplicity is better. It has an easy-to-adjust pressure knob so that you can find the best setting for the different materials you may be working with. It comes with the ability to set the time and temperature desired for your project.

An alarm will sound as soon as the timer is up. If you set it and forget it, it will tell you when to take your completed project off the press. The press won’t start transferring your image to the material until the unit has reached the desired temperature.

It comes with standard size plates of 15 inches by 15 inches. It can accommodate all kinds of projects of this size, from T-shirts to puzzles to bags to tea towels. The plates are also coated with Teflon to protect your project from scorching.

If you’re afraid of overheating your project and burning down your workspace, don’t be. The TUSY heat press has an automatic shutoff if the machine gets too hot. This will shut the entire machine down to avoid burning your project and starting a fire.

Its user’s manual is straightforward to understand. The machine itself comes already assembled. All you have to do is read the steps on how to use it and start creating!

What Is the Best Heat Press to Use for Different Kinds of Materials for Beginners?

If you are just beginning to add heat pressing to your crafting repertoire but you want to jump in with both feet, check out the Slendor heat press. Slendor offers a five in one heat press that can handle a whole suite of materials, not just cotton. Want to heat press neoprene, leather, or performance material? This is the machine for you.

The plate size is slightly smaller than the standard, measuring 12 inches by 15 inches. They are made of aluminum and coated with Teflon like most heat presses to prevent burning the material you’re working with. Since this press can accommodate different materials, a handy guide shows you the appropriate temperatures to heat press different fabrics.

The Slendor heat press has a timer and alarm feature to alert you when your project is finished. It also sports a handy pressure adjustment knob that can change the pressure of the plates according to what you need. This is especially important when working with potentially thicker material such as neoprene or padded leather.

Unlike most heat presses, the Slendor is a swing away style instead of a clamshell. However, its smaller plate size accommodates small workspaces than most swing-away heat presses.

What Are Some Other Heat Presses Good for Beginners?

While the heat presses already mentioned are our top picks, there are some other notable honorable mentions worth checking out.

Multifunctional Heat Presses for Beginners

For more multifunctional heat presses, we recommend VEVOR, F2C Pro, VivoHome, or MYSUB.

The VEVOR and VivoHome options offer amazing versatility. They are both swing-away heat presses with a variety of interchangeable plates options. You can go with the standard flat plates for T-shirts, towels, and bags. Change it up with the convex/concave plates for baseball caps.

Try something different by creating unique personalized mugs with the mug plate. Create buttons, plates, and bowls with the circular plate stamper. The options are endless with these heat presses.

The F2C Pro heat press also sports a swing-away style and is great for projects of all sizes. Its circular stamping plate can give extreme versatility for heat pressing kid’s plates to adult T-shirts. The price of the F2C Pro is also hard to beat.

The MYSUB offers even more options as an eight-in-one heat press instead of just a five-in-one. In addition to all of the capabilities of a five-in-one, the MYSUB also can heat transfer vinyl and perform heat sublimation. With all the extra features, you would think it would cost more, but the price is comparable to other heat presses.

Simple Heat Presses for Beginners 

Our honorable mentions go to PlanetFlame, Transfer Crafts, and Royal for simpler needs.

PlanetFlame is the only one of these three that is clamshell-style. It is a great quality heat press that will give any project you complete a professional look. This heat press is industrial grade to heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (398 degrees Celsius). It is extremely heavy duty and will last a long time if you take care of it.

Transfer Crafts heat press is a back-to-basics kind of machine. There are no bells and whistles, but it is a reliable and very affordable machine. This is great for beginners looking for something simple to craft with.

The Royal heat press is a swing away style with a digital display for time and temperature. It does not take long for this machine to heat up and offers a fantastic quality product. The unique feature of the Royal heat press is its thick bottom plate to improve the printing quality and make your final project look professional.

Conclusion: Best heat press machines for beginners

There are various brands, styles, and functionalities for heat presses on the market. As a newbie to the craft, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one. Our top pick for beginners is the FancierStudio heat press. It is easy and safe to use, providing a professional-grade look to any finished project.

The best heat press for the price is the PowerPress. Our top choice for smaller projects is Cricut, which offers Easy Press 2 and Easy Press Mini as two viable options. The Super Deal PRO is our number one pick for swing-away heat presses.

The easiest heat press to use from the TUSY brand. Lastly, the best multifunctional heat press is the Slendor heat-press, offering five different heat press features in one machine.