CB21-058 - what are chalk markers used for

What are chalk markers used for?

 Chalk markers have several uses, they are very handy to have around the house and office. They are great for crafting, making notes on a chalkboard or for educational purposes like at school or teaching kids how to draw.

Chalk markers can be used for:

  • Advertising
  • Directional Signs
  • Drawing 
  • Decoration
  • Calendars
  • Note Boards
  • Labeling
  • Gift Tags
  • Education

 Read this article to find out about more uses of chalk markers, how to use them effectively, and how they are different to normal pieces of chalk.

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What are Chalk Markers?

Chalk markers produce chalk-like lines, but don’t actually contain any chalk. Instead, chalk markers are pigment-based ink that produces a powdery like finish, just as chalk does. This is why these markers have ‘chalk’ in their name. Chalk markers are sometimes called ‘liquid chalk’ because of their easy usage and powdered finish. 

What Can You Use Chalk Markers For?

Chalk markers can be used for a variety of projects, crafts, organizational labeling, and business needs. Uses for chalk markers include advertising, directional signs, drawing, decoration, calendars, note boards, labeling, gift tags, and education.


Chalk markers are great for writing advertisements. Shops and restaurants can use chalk markers to write sale prices or the daily specials menu. 

Chalk markers are very eye-catching and come in a range of nib sizes and colors. You will attract many more customers with colorful and visually appealing advertisements.

Directional Signs 

You can write some great signs with chalk markers. Create directional signs to direct people to the bathroom in your restaurant or even in your own home! 

There are so many colors available that you can make them suit any style. Use large nibbed black and white markers for a more modern environment and lighter more subtle colors, with a thinner nib, for a more traditional style. 

Drawing with Kids

Chalk markers are extremely easy to clean up compared to traditional markers, pens, or paints. Clean chalk markers by wiping the surface down with a wet towel. The markers are easy for kids to hold and use.


Using chalk pens to decorate is simple and can give such a stylish look. Many people use them to decorate boring household items, like glass vases and candle jars. Just adding a splash of color and a pattern can really bring a basic item to life. 


Got a busy household and can’t keep up? Everyone has their own schedule and you never know who is where? Of course, you can use online calendars but where’s the fun in that? 

You can easily use chalk markers and a chalkboard calendar to stay on track without it being boring. Just keep the markers next to the board and ask everyone in the house to update their schedule daily. Then all you need to do is wipe it down at the end of the week, it’s simple, even for kids!

Note Boards

Another great way to stay on track and use these markers is to get a plain chalkboard and place it somewhere in your home, or office. Write down all of your notes and daily thoughts so you never forget a thing. This method saves a great amount of paper and looks great too! 

When the board is full, grab a wet cloth and wipe it down, ready for a new day.


If you like to be organized then chalk markers are just for you. You can use them to write unique and pretty labels on all of your household or office items instead of having to use boring printed labels.

Maybe you would like to have your spice drawer a little more organized or those glass pasta jars labeled? These chalk markers can easily do the job. Stay organized and trendy!

Gift Tags 

Do you ever feel like giving a present with a shop bought gift tag just isn’t your style? But what else can you do? 

Buy some plain pieces of card, cut them into small gift-tag shapes, and write on them using a colorful selection of chalk markers. This way you will have some unique and special gift tags for your loved ones. Those are much more sentimental and can’t be bought in the shop!


Chalk markers are great to use in an educational environment, many teachers use them on traditional chalkboards to show students complicated topics. Who likes to look at a boring black and whiteboard anyway? 

The technique of using bright and interesting colors makes learning, for people of any age, much more interactive and fun. Everyone knows that fun learning is faster learning! 

What Surfaces Can You Use Chalk Markers on?

Chalk markers cannot be used on porous surfaces like cardboard, fabric, wood and sponge if you want to be able to erase the marker. For things like gift tags and some decorations, they are ideal as the marker needs to stay on. However, if you want to make sure the marker can be wiped off easily you must use them on non-porous surfaces like chalkboards, porcelain, glass, slate and metal.

Are Chalk Markers Erasable?

Chalk markers are easy to erase if used on non-porous surfaces. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or paper towel and the marker will be gone. 

This is the main reason why they are great for kids, they do not create any mess at all. Also, if kids accidentally get the marker where it shouldn’t be, it should wipe down easily, depending on the surface. 

Are Chalk Markers and Chalk the Same?

Chalk markers and traditional chalk are not the same. Chalk markers are liquid in form, the liquid then flows from inside the pen down to a porous nib at the end, just as a typical ink pen does. Traditional chalk is a powered stem of chalk, as you write it releases dust as the chalk moves against the surface. 

Are Chalk Markers Messy?

Chalk markers are one of the least messy pens to draw with, especially for kids. Because they are so easy to clean up and leave no mess behind. Ensure that when you use these markers that you only use them on non-porous surfaces, so they can wipe off with a stroke of a wet towel. Porous surfaces won’t clean as easily, if at all. 

How Do You Use Chalk Markers?

Shake the markers well for at least 30 seconds before using them. Most brands of chalk markers have a metal ball inside that helps move the ink around, you should hear this clicking while you shake. This gets the liquid to go into the nib, which is important if they have been laying around for some time. Gently pump the nib against the surface you wish to draw on until the ink begins to flow, then you’re ready to go!

Do Chalk Markers Dry Out?

If chalk markers haven’t been used for some time then they may become a little dry. However, after shaking them for around 30 seconds, you should begin to see the liquid flow again. It’s also very important that while using the markers that you always put the lid back on in between use. Failing to cap your marker will result in drying out very quickly.

Summary: What are chalk markers used for?

As you can see, there are a variety of uses for chalk markers. Specific uses include:

  • Advertising
  • Directional Signs
  • Drawing 
  • Decoration
  • Calendars
  • Note Boards
  • Labeling
  • Gift Tags
  • Education

Chalk markers are easy to clean off of non-porous surfaces with a wet towel. You may find it difficult to erase chalk markers from a porous surface.

Don’t confuse chalk markers with chalk. Chalk markers flow like a regular pen and are made from pigment ink. A chalk marker looks like chalk when dried, but they are made from different material than chalk.

Shake your chalk marker for 30 seconds if it’s dried out to get the ink flowing again. Always remember to cap your marker to prevent it from drying out.