CB21-027 - how to use clear stamps without acrylic block

How to use clear stamps without acrylic block

Clear stamps are unmounted and don’t have a block for you to hold on to as you stamp. You may need to get creative if you find yourself with stamps that don’t come with acrylic blocks. So you might be pondering how to use clear stamps without an acrylic block. 

To use clear stamps without an acrylic block, find glass or plastic substitutes you can press down on. Stamp platforms, stamp presses, and everyday household items will work as stamp blocks. 

You will need something to hold your stamp in place, so the key is to find a substitute that works as well as an acrylic block. If you choose wisely you may find a substitute that works better and you’ll always have an option whether you have an acrylic block on hand or not. 

Keep reading to learn how to continue using your clear stamps no matter what kind of block you have on hand. 

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How to Use Clear Stamps Without Acrylic Block

To use clear stamps without an acrylic block, you will need something to hold your stamp in place as you use them. Choose something glass or acrylic that your stamp can cling to. The closer in size to the stamp your substitute is the better.

Acrylic stamps come in a sheet without a wooden base or block, like other stamps. To use the stamp, you’d choose an acrylic block that is not much bigger than your stamp. You place the stamp on the block and use it to press your image.

An acrylic block is solid and clear, so you can mount and see your stamp. For a substitute choose options that have a similar design, so you can hold your stamp in place and see what you are doing.

Here are a few options to use instead of acrylic blocks.

Stamp Platforms

Stamp platforms are long clear plates. They come in different sizes and have grids that make it easy to measure or line up your stamp. MISTI stamp tool also comes with paper, magnets, and foam for use with polymer stamps.

The MISTI platform opens and closes for you to place your stamp inside and close your stamp onto your paper. Choosing the stamp platform option means not only will you have an “acrylic block” for clear stamps, but something you can use with your other stamps as well.

Here is a video showing you some different stamp platform options including MISTI.

Stamp Presses

Stamp presses work similar to stamp platforms, however, they don’t fold, they press down. Presses are also square or rectangular allowing you to line your stamp up evenly. 

The Fiskars Easy Stamp Press comes with foam pieces on each corner. On the other hand, the We R Memory Keepers Precision Press comes with rubber pieces on the bottom.

To use the stamp presses, place your stamp down and push the press onto it to pick them up. After you cover your stamp with ink, press down to get your image impression. You can add foam underneath to get a better impression if you need it on larger presses.

In comparison to the stamp platform, you may find that you get better impressions with a stamp press because you aren’t stamping at an angle. The rubber feet of the We R Memory Keepers Precision Presses are especially helpful because you are able to get more even pressure on your step.

The precision press is a great option to create cool stamping techniques with multiple stamps at a time.

Watch the video to see the Precision Press in action.

Be Resourceful

Be resourceful and use things around the house that can take the place of an acrylic block such as an ink pad lid or CD/DVD cases. You really only need something clear and plastic that the acrylic stamp can connect to. 

Some of the things you might already have around the house or your craft room will work just as well as any product you can buy.

Ink Pad Lid

If you have stamps chances are you have ink pads. An ink pad lid will work as an acrylic block. The small size is great for precision stamping and getting a good impression. 


If you have CD and DVD cases lying around this is a good way to get some use out of them. You’ll find that once you remove the paper inside, CD cases are always clear. Some DVD cases are clear as well. You can use them the same way as a press, platform, or block depending on the size of your stamp. 

Heavy Bottom Drinking Glasses

If you have glasses of water sitting around your craft room because you’re always working in there, you can find some use for them. Glasses with a thick bottom will press firmly into your acrylic stamps. Don’t feel limited to square blocks, small stamps will work with circular options as well.

Thick Coasters

Speaking of drinking glasses, you can also find round or square coasters that are made from wood or thick plastic. Since no one is using them for their intended use anyway, give them a try as an acrylic block.

DIY Acrylic Block

If you really want a custom block you can always make one yourself. Cutting old acrylic sheeting or plexiglass to shape will work well for a custom size block. You can even combine two thinner pieces on top of each other to make a stronger thicker block.


Though it’s true glass and acrylic work well, wood and plastic sometimes work as substitutes as well. If you have children chances are you have a few blocks, Jenga, or scrabble pieces lying around. Some square blocks will stick to your stamps and make as good a stamping block as it does a building block. 

The sky’s the limit. Try whatever you have that will fit your stamp and that you feel comfortable pressing down firmly on.   

Summary: How to use clear stamps without acrylic block

If you’ve used up your acrylic blocks, lost them, or just don’t have any you can still stamp away using alternatives. Simply using stamp presses, stamp platforms, or household items you can still get use out of your acrylic stamps. 

Ink pad lids, CD cases, and even heavy bottom drinking glasses will work as great precision blocks. All you need to do is search for clear hard plastic or glass that you can see through to use as a stamp block. 

Don’t be afraid to use different shapes and sizes to give you what you need for your stamps. Once you find your alternative, press down on the stamp to connect it to your substitute block and stamp away. You’ll be able to create beautiful designs whether you can find your acrylic block or not.