CB21-059 - how to make a scrapbook for your boyfriend

How to make a scrapbook for your boyfriend

A scrapbook is a great birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, or “just for fun” gift to give your boyfriend that he can keep for a very long time. There are tons of ideas to utilize when creating a scrapbook, including love stories, family history, or adventures you shared together.

There are tons of great topics you can cover in a scrapbook to make it personal and it will let your boyfriend know it comes directly from the heart. For more ideas and topics you can cover when creating a scrapbook, continue to read this article.

Making a Scrapbook for Your Boyfriend (5 Great Ideas)

Are you looking for a great way to surprise your boyfriend with an amazing gift? One that represents all of the stages in life you two have gone through together? Creating a scrapbook can be a fantastic way to relive the good times you have had and preserve your memories.

However, you don’t have to include just pictures of your relationship. You don’t even have to include photos of yourself if you don’t want to. There are many different options to choose from when creating a scrapbook he will love.

1. Create a Love Story

Let your scrapbook tell your specific personal love story. Start with photos and memories from your very first date and continue on throughout time up to the present.

A great way to start the book could be with tickets to the movie you saw together on your first date, along with a photo from that night. You could add little stickers with popcorn, candy, and soda and include little phrases or quotes that will help you both relive the experience.

You could include other firsts in your scrapbook as well, such as:

  • Where did your first kiss take place? 
  • When did you first start to hold hands? 
  • When did he first meet your parents or older siblings? 

All of these experiences could make good options to add to a book of memories.

2. Create a Scrapbook of Accomplishments

After dating for awhile, you both may have some big accomplishments. Use those accomplishments to showcase how much going through these steps in life hand-in-hand meant to you.

Decorate the scrapbook with pictures of medals, awards, certificates, etc., achieved by either one of you. Then decorate it in a way that shows how the journey made you feel.

For example, if you watched him graduate college. Put a picture of him standing with his parents, diploma in hand, with glitter sprinkled everywhere.

If you two finished your first 5K together, add in pictures of you both, red faces and all, with enthusiastic comments. Include the location and name of the race, and what place you both took.

Relationships are full of accomplishments, big or small. They are all equally as important to keep the feeling alive and the bond strong.

3. Create a Scrapbook all About Him

Creating a “reasons why I love you” type of scrapbook is a great way to score some brownie points with your boo. Use the pages to list out 10,15, 20 different reasons why you love him, from the way his eyes glow when he smiles to the way he gets angry when you pick on his “strut.”

Take time to really think about all the things that make him unique and special to you, then put that into words, pictures, and doodles.

There is no better gift than boosting your guy’s ego. This can also be a good way for you to revisit all of the great things your boyfriend has to offer. Often, life can get in the way of relationships and puts feelings and emotions on the back burner to the mundane things we have to do.

Spending time laying everything you love about your man in a scrapbook can help rekindle those feelings.

4. Create a Scrapbook of Experiences

Are you and your boyfriend adventurers? Many couples enjoy going on hikes, camping, traveling, movies, etc. If you two have spent a lot of time venturing the world or experiencing different activities, use this as the main topic to complete your scrapbook. 

If you guys are movie buffs, create an entire scrapbook based on the films you saw together. Print up old movie posters (in mini forms) and make a scrapbook in chronological order to when you guys went out to see them.

With the posters add pictures of the two of you goofing around and having a great time. Include little stickers or print-ups to represent how you felt that night and why it was so important.

If you two travel a lot, make that the theme of your scrapbook. Do not just create pages all about the vacation spots and activities you took part in, but also the long road trip, plane rides, and hotel stay.

Add little things that will remind him of that day, the good and the “not so good” parts, that you are now comfortable enough with to laugh about. 

5. Create a Family History Scrapbook

This is a good way to spend some quality time with your boyfriend’s family. Try to track down old photos of him, his family, and his ancestors.

Figure out where his family roots lie and add pages of history that represent who he is and where he came from.

For example, if you tracked down that his great-grandmother lived in Italy before coming to the states, create a page with her picture and all of the shops, restaurants, and entertainment from that location and time.

You could also consider requesting some of your boyfriend’s baby pictures and making a page full of his younger years, growing up with his family, siblings, childhood friends. 

You could create a version of a family history scrapbook comparing both of your lives growing up, using pictures and quotes to point out fun similarities and unique differences. Doing this could be a great way to show each other a part of life that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy.

Tips for Creating a Scrapbook for Your Boyfriend

There are many ways you can decorate and personalize a scrapbook to make it special and intimate. Always be creative and unique. Make the scrapbook about him, your feelings, and things you both enjoy. 

Remember that scrapbooking is much more different than putting together a photo album. You should include so much more than just pictures on pages. Include other items such as mementos, dates and captions, funny stickers, themes, borders, etc. make it a creative

Instead of plain paper, use maps that represent places you have been or old love notes exchanged in your past. Switch up the way you label, comment, or quote things to make each page look special and a tad bit different. There are so many great ideas out there; you simply have to use your imagination.

Summary: How to make a scrapbook for your boyfriend

Creating a beautiful scrapbook for your boyfriend is the perfect way to express your true feelings and also provide something you can both look back on and cherish for as long as the relationship lasts. (You may be able to share it with your grandkids one day?)

Your scrapbook should be unique, like your relationship. Every couple has their ‘thing’ that they do together. Ideas to get your scrapbook started include:

  1. Create a love story
  2. Highlight the accomplishments
  3. Make it about him
  4. Showcase your experiences
  5. Make it about family