CB21-022 - how to get crayola markers off skin

How to get Crayola markers off skin

Everyone may have a box of Crayola markers. If you have kids, everyone in your home probably has Crayola marks on their skin right now. So after cleaning colorful tattoos off my skin, again, I thought I’d share with you how to get Crayola markers off skin.

To get Crayola markers off skin wash with soap and water. If that doesn’t do the trick use baby wipes, baby oil, or make-up remover. 

Since not all Crayola markers are washable, stronger chemicals can be used. Always use the most gentle product first. It’s best to know as many options as possible to choose something that won’t irritate your skin.

If you find that you’re stuck with a few marks after washing with soap and water. Keep reading to find out more options to get Crayola markers off of your skin.  

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How to get Crayola markers off skin

To get Crayola markers off skin, simply wash away with soap and water. Most Crayola markers are now washable and come off easily. 

All Crayola marker products use water-based ink. Adding water and a little elbow grease will allow you to get the marks off. A child covered in marker should be wiped off as much as possible and finished with bath time. Having a soak at bath time will wash the last of the marker off. 

Trying soap and water should always be your first option because it’s the most gentle option. However, the job may get a little tougher if you use a non washable box of markers. Here are a few options to get Crayola markers off the skin.

Baby wipes

Another gentle option that allows you to scrub without using harsh chemicals is baby wipes. After washing with soap and water use the wipes to focus on marks left behind. Scrubbing with the wipe should break down the last bit of washable marker off the skin. 

Baby oil

Baby oil is a gentle option that can break down the colors in marker. After all, oil can often dissolve ink and markers are made of ink. Baby oil is the best option for kids, but you can try vegetable oil as well. 

To clean the marker off your skin, cover the area with baby oil and rub in gentle circles. Wipe off any excess baby oil and wash with soap and water. 

Make-up remover wipes

Make-up removers of all kinds are made to remove colorful marks from the skin. Water-based washable markers will come off easily. Even if you use markers that aren’t washable, the ink can be broken down by the oils in make-up remover. 

The wipes are the easiest option because you can target the area directly and gently rub the marker away. However, using a cotton pad with liquid or cream makeup remover will work well also. 

Be careful using make-up remover or little ones. Choose removers made for sensitive skin if possible. 


Instead of cleaning cuts, use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol to clean away the markers on your skin. Simply use a cotton ball to rub away the marker and then wash the alcohol away with soap and water. 

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can do more than simply disinfect. Many hand sanitizers are alcohol-based which is a strong cleanser that will break down the ink in markers. However, alcohol-free options also work well if you are avoiding harsh chemicals. 

How long does it take for Crayola marker to come off skin?

Washable Crayola marker comes off the skin right away after washing. Without cleaning, it could take up to two or three days for a permanent marker to fade. So a washable marker that has set into the skin for hours won’t last on the skin longer than a few days. 

Crayola maker should come off the skin right away after washing. If the marker has been on the skin for a while it may take some time to clean. After your next shower or bath, the marker should come off despite being set in.

Are all Crayola markers washable?

Not all Crayola markers are washable. Broad Line Markers are not washable and do not say so on the package. The washable markers are always labeled. 

Though Broad Line Markers aren’t washable, they are made with a water-based ink. Therefore, the Broad Line Markers can still be removed from the skin using some of the methods listed above.

Crayola makes permanent products designed to last on fabric designs that will take more than soap and water to remove. Other non-washable products include:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Fabric Markers 
  • Permanent Markers

They can all benefit from the cleaning methods on this list. Except for glitter. You will never be able to get rid of all the glitter in your house. 

Are Crayola markers OK to use on skin?

It’s not OK to use Crayola markers on the skin. While markers are safe to handle and you’ll be fine if you get them on your skin, Crayola Markers aren’t made to be used on the skin.

You should not use Crayola markers on the skin intentionally. The cotton filament of Crayola markers has a porous plastic nip made of ink and water meant to be used on paper. 

Markers are full of ink with pigments made up of synthetic substances. The synthetic substances in markers are made for art projects and are not gentle enough for skin. 

While it might be fun to make temporary tattoos it’s best to use ink that is made for sensitive skin. This will help you avoid breaking out from the ink or from using harsh chemicals to remove the ink. 

Summary: How to get Crayola markers off skin

With children, it’s easy to end up with Crayola markers on the skin after a fun coloring session. However, markers are not OK to use on the skin. Washable markers won’t hurt your skin, but intentional use on your skin should be avoided. 

All Crayola markers aren’t washable and it may be harder to get some marker off your skin than others. Still, you have options to remove markers from your skin using everything from soap and water to make-up remover. It’s best to always try the most gentle method first. 

Do your best to protect your skin and have fun with markers. If you have an accident it won’t take long to get markers off your skin. Do the best you can and have fun coloring your world.