CB22-013 - Bullet journal ideas for every month

Bullet journal ideas for every month

Every month is an opportunity to add a new spread, collection, or page to your bullet journal, which could include something that’s fresh, seasonal, or special for that particular month – like your birthday! 

Bullet journals provide monthly tracking for common goals, to-do’s, habits, and other things that happen year-round. But in today’s article, learn more about specific bullet journal ideas for every month of the year.

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When you think of January, you think of new beginnings, a fresh start, and goal setting. This is also a good time to get a brand-new bullet journal started, so make sure you’re building out your spreads for everything you may want to try tracking this year.

January Themes for Bullet Journals

If you like to decorate your bullet journal pages, consider snowflakes, New Year’s Day fireworks, gloves, scarves, and a palette of blues, silvers, and other cool tones to set the stage.

Things to Track in Bullet Journals for January

Many people set goals and new year’s resolutions at the beginning of each calendar year, so definitely include a spread for any goal setting.

Affirmations and daily reminders help us reach those goals. Consider adding a few pages in your January index solely for affirmations and quotes that inspire you. Use big, colorful text for eye-catching pages that remind you why you set these goals. Some examples include:

  • Start the year off with a bang
  • Trust the magic of new beginnings
  • To begin, begin.
  • This year is a year of positive change, and I welcome it fully.
  • This year, focus on what you can control and forget the rest.
  • An amazing year lies ahead for me.
  • I will accomplish my goals no matter what.


February is the month of the heart – both for Valentine’s Day and for American Heart Month. It is also Black History Month, Groundhog Day, and the Super Bowl! What comes to mind when you think of February? 

Here are some bullet ideas to try on for size.

February Themes for Bullet Journals

February bullet journal pages can be themed with reds, pinks, purples, and golds. Include things that make you feel loved or that make you feel love, such as pretty flowers, cursive text, cherry or almond blossoms, desserts, and candy.

February is also the Lunar New Year. You may consider setting goals and intentions in February rather than January if you celebrate! Lanterns, tigers, firecrackers, red envelopes with money, and steam buns make adorable drawings to decorate your bullet journal. Check out these Lunar New Year examples from Paperu Studio on YouTube.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal in February

It’s good to keep a habit tracker going in February to make sure you’re keeping up with all of your New Year’s resolutions.

Some bullet journal fans also like to keep a list of who to send Valentine’s Day cards to.

Since it’s the month of love, consider keeping a daily list of everything that makes you feel love or feel loved.

Lastly, if you’re a gardener, February is a great time to begin planning what you’ll plant in spring. It’s just a month away!


March sees the beginning of Spring, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and for some, Spring Break. What new things will blossom in your bullet journal this month?

March Themes for Bullet Journals

It’s time to break out your green, yellow, and gold markers! March bullet journals can be verdant, with plenty of springtime flowers, green landscapes, rainbows, and pots of gold. If you’re into Mardi Gras, throw some purple and black colors in for good measure, and maybe a doodle of beads or colorful masks.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for March

If you’re Catholic and participate in Lent, March is a great time to set up a spread to track the number of days you have left in these 40 days of sacrifice.

In March, many people take or start planning for Spring Break. What will be on your packing list? Create a page in your bullet journal to track what you have and what you may need to run out and purchase.


Easter occurs in April, as does the end of Catholic Lent. Don’t be fooled when April 1st comes around; make sure you have your bullet journal ideas for April ready to go!

April Themes for Bullet Journals

As cold skies fade away, consider adding clear blue skies, clouds, Easter bunnies and other cute wildlife, fresh spring vegetables, honey bees, and adorable colored eggs to your spreads. April colors can include pastels and plenty of green.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for April

In April, we can finally get outside and enjoy the weather again. Track how many days of sunshine you get and see how that impacts your mood.

You may also track your outdoor walks, outdoor exercise habits, or how your garden is coming along.

If you’re using a mood tracker or sleep tracker, consider using a flower in place of a chart or graph.


In May, we celebrate mom, Cinco de Mayo, and memorialize the men and women who died while serving the U.S. military. The weather starts to warm up, and so should your markers! Here are some bullet journal ideas for the month of May.

May Themes for Bullet Journals

Weather is warming up, and sunny colors begin to make their way back to your bullet journal.

Think bright palettes like orange, magenta, teal, and purple.

Colorful Mexican themes for Cinco de Mayo can include sombreros and gorgeous roses.

Sunflowers light up the pages for Mother’s Day.

And citrus, butterflies, bees, and doodles of friends make for a heartwarming cover page on their own or doodles to dress up a spread.


It’s the month of dads and grads! Between Father’s Day, graduations, and the beginning of summer, there’s plenty to celebrate and plan for in the month of June.

June Themes for Bullet Journals

Use bold, bright colors for June spreads in your bullet journal: think primaries like blue, yellow, and red. Beach balls, ice cream, cocktails, flamingos, and plenty of sunshine make for perfect doodles to dress us your pages.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for June

Now that you’re halfway through the year, how are you coming along on your New Year’s goals? It may be time for a six month check in and refresh, so consider adding a spread with goals from the previous month. Note how far you’ve come. Adjust those goals for the next six months as necessary.

June is also a month for vacations, play dates, summer camp, and making memories. Create a spread to plan daily adventures, whether that’s a walk outside, a dip in the creek, a trip into town for ice cream, or a nice summer hike.

Keep track of your summer fun by noting any memories you made on a new spread. This is a fun page to look back on, celebrate any successes, and enjoy the memories through recall rather than photos on social media.


Hot dogs, anyone? In July, summer is in full swing as we celebrate our nation’s independence. What will summer look like in your bullet journal? Here are some thoughts.

July Themes for Bullet Journals

Red, white, and blue colors are an obvious but fun choice to bring together all of your July bullet journal pages in one, cohesive theme. For doodles, think of fun summer foods like hot dogs and watermelon. Or head for the beach! An ocean-themed July can be colorful and really put you in vacation mode with shells, sand, cute fish, umbrellas, and bikinis.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for July

In the summer months, it’s more important to stay on top of your hydration, so consider adding a monthly water tracker to track how many glasses you’re getting each day.

July is also a time for making memories, which is hard to do if you’re scrolling through your social media feeds all day. Consider adding a habit tracker to note how long you’re spending on social media each day. Or make a goal to stay off social media entirely. Track each day that you’re successful.


In August, we savor the last few weeks of summer and wind down our summer vacations. A new (school) year starts, and there’s plenty to plan for as we look ahead to making the most of the last four months of the year. Use your bullet journal and these ideas to help.

August Themes for Bullet Journals

Summer begins to wind down in August, but your pages don’t have to get any less colorful! Keep up your summer spirit with bright colors like greens and yellows, which will transition nicely into your early Fall spreads next month.

Doodles for August can include camping themes, like campfires, hiking boots, insects, trees, tents, and lakes. Or, if you have kids, perhaps going back to school is top of mind. In this case, fun doodles include backpacks, pencils and paper, and apples, or neon geometric patterns pulled straight from your favorite 80s notebooks.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for August

August is the last month of summer, so you’ll want to take it all in and stay present. A bullet journal tracker that holds all of the ideas, to-dos, and other things that pop into your head can help you put it down on paper so you can get back to being in the moment. Some call this a “brain dump” page.

August can also mean back-to-school shopping if you have kids! In your bullet journal, take inventory of what your children already have for school, and what you still need to purchase.


Pumpkin spice and fall leaves waft through the air in September, and we start to cozy up and spend more time with our bullet journals. How will your bullet journal evolve?

September Themes for Bullet Journals

With fall on the horizon, September welcomes warmer color palettes with reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and a hint of green.

Consider adding doodles like jewel-toned flower arrangements, falling leaves, flannel, hot coffee and tea. Woodsy themes are also fun, with cute animals like squirrels and foxes, and colorful mushrooms and plant life. 

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for September

What will you do with your downtime as we get ready to cozy in? Consider your goals for the colder season: maybe you’ll track how many books you’ve read or plan to read, how many “me” days or hours you’ve taken, or how many times you’ve meditated.

September is also a great time to take up new hobbies. The kids are back in school, and hopefully, you’re finding more time for yourself. Use your bullet journal to track progress on your new hobby or project.


In October, we celebrate Día de los Muertos, Halloween, and the ever-changing colors on the trees. Your bullet journal will change, too, as you incorporate new ideas as we head into the heavy holiday season.

October Themes for Bullet Journals

To break up the fall colors that you likely incorporated in September, consider using colors that make you think of spooky season! Purple, orange, neon green, black, and gold all work well together for an October bullet journal theme.

For doodles, there’s no shortage of fun items to decorate your October bullet journal spreads. Consider pumpkins, bats, black cats, witches’ hats, candy, cauldrons, candles, ghosts, potions, and skeletons.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for October

In October, plenty of to-do’s start to pile up. Make time to create a spread in your bullet journal to keep track of your daily to-dos and look ahead to the remaining months of the year. In your future log, add in Thanksgiving and Christmas plans.

October is also a good time to start planning your holiday budget! Keep track of your finances and saving for Christmas in a finance tracker spread.


November is a time for family, thankfulness, and winding down. How do these themes manifest themselves in your bullet journal?

November Themes for Bullet Journals

Thanksgiving is a great theme for your November bullet journal. Warm colors return, including browns and golds. Think cozy sweaters and scarves, candles, turkeys, pastries, and anything harvest-related for doodles.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for November

The best thing to track in your bullet journal for November is gratitude. Create a gratitude log and write down at least one thing you are grateful for every day. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll have so much gratitude in your heart that you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday that much more!

It’s also time to enter full planning mode for Christmas. With Black Friday sales occurring the day after Thanksgiving, you can’t wait until Christmas to get your list started. As ideas come to mind, track them on a Christmas gift list spread, along with the cost for each item and a continued spread tracking your holiday savings.

Lastly, you’ll likely want to start decorating for Christmas as soon as the turkey is off the table! Make a list of decorations that you’ll want to put up, the schedule for doing so, and where the decorations are located in storage.


As we wrap up the year, we celebrate everything that happened the year prior, give gifts, and give thanks. What will you unwrap for this final annual entry in your bullet journal? We have some ideas.

December Themes for Bullet Journals

December colors can go two ways, full-on Christmas or cool winter colors to focus on the chilly season or Hannukah.

Doodles can include trees, ornaments, and gifts. Or, if you go for the latter color scheme, penguins, polar bears, mittens, snowflakes, snowmen, and icicles are fun.

Things to Track in Your Bullet Journal for December

Keep track of your gift list in a spread that you copy from the month before you started planning. Which gifts have you purchased, and which do you still need to find?

Create a new spread for gifts you’ve received, who sent them, and that gift-givers address. Check them off the list as you send a thank you note to each giver.


The fun thing about bullet journals is that no two months have to look the same. There may be things you want to track year-round, but even those can be dressed up for the season with a new color scheme and doodles. By year’s end, you’ll have a colorful piece of artwork that serves as a moment in time for almost every day of the year.