CB21-029 - best paper for copic markers and alcohol based markers

Best paper for Copic markers and other alcohol-based markers

Whether you’re an experienced illustrator or a newbie using the right paper for your art is essential. Even professional artists and everyday crafters can benefit from alcohol-based markers. You need to know how to choose the best paper for Copic and other alcohol-based markers for the best work. 

The best paper for Copic markers and other alcohol-based markers is acid-free, thick, smooth paper. Copic Premium Bond and Custom Paper are the best for preventing the unintentional spread of ink. 

Cardstock, mixed media, and watercolor paper are all used for alcohol-based markers. Knowing how each works differently will help you choose the perfect paper for you. 

Keep reading to find out the best paper for Copic markers and how to get the most out of your Copic markers.

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What are Copic markers?

Copic markers are alcohol-based markers that come in 358 colors. The colors include unique shades made for advanced illustrations but are easy to use. Copic markers are unique because they can be refilled with ink and maintained with replaceable nibs.

Alcohol-based ink is unique because it’s transparent and made for blending and shading. The most popular thing about alcohol-based markers is how the colors look layered. So if you are making cards for fun or creating intricate artwork, you can create beautiful designs. 

Copic markers are the most popular because of their versatility and quick-drying capability. Give them a try, even if you are a beginner. No matter what paper you choose, you’ll have a lower chance of damaging the paper because of the high-quality, fast-drying ink.

What is the best paper for Copic markers and other alcohol-based markers?

The best paper for Copic markers and other alcohol-based markers is cardstock or Copic Paper. Copic paper is heavy like cardstock and ensures Copic marker ink doesn’t bleed. Copy paper, watercolor paper, and construction paper can also work depending on the drawing. 

Cardstock is considered the best for alcohol-based markers because it’s sturdy. The thick paper is less likely to tear from several coats of ink. Copic markers are alcohol-based markers, and the ink can spread and become heavy when layered in intricate drawings. 

According to Copic, the best paper for beginners is “Premium Bond Paper and Custom Paper from Copic Paper Selections, they both prevent ink from spreading too much.”

The paper that makes you the most comfortable is the best to use. Once you are used to illustration, try any of these paper options:

  • regular copy paper
  • manga manuscript paper
  • construction paper
  • drawing paper
  • watercolor paper

Be sure to try all types of paper for different tasks.

Is normal copy paper good for use with Copic markers?

Standard copy paper is suitable for Copic markers if you are an experienced illustrator. The paper’s delicate feel could be a problem for newbies. The thick paper will hold heavy alcohol-based ink better for detailed artwork drawn in layers. The thin copy paper will rip under the weight of the ink. 

Is cardstock good for use with Copic markers?

Cardstock is suitable for use with Copic markers, and it’s the best option. Cardstock is strong with a starting gsm of 160. GSM stands for grams per square meter. GSM determines the “weight” of the paper or how heavy it is.

Cardstock is one of the heaviest options for paper you can draw on, making it the best for most heavy-duty craft jobs. It’s what most of us choose when making cards and invitations. 

The most common cardstock is 80 lb medium-sized paper. 80 lb cardstock is 216 gsm which makes it thick, but it can go through a printer. The thicker the paper, the harder it will be for alcohol-based ink to bleed through and rip the paper.

Is watercolor paper good for use with Copic markers?

Watercolor paper can be both suitable and bad for use with Copic markers. The thick paper won’t warp under the ink because it was designed to be wet. However, the paper will drink in the marker’s ink, so you’ll want to be careful about using all your ink when using watercolor paper. 

If you’re planning on blending your ink, watercolor paper is the best option. The Copic markers’ blended tones will be more pronounced on watercolor paper.

Is mixed media paper good for use with Copic markers?

Mixed media paper isn’t suitable for use with Copic markers. Unlike watercolor paper, mixed media paper isn’t good for blending colors. The paper has a textured surface that doesn’t work well with alcohol-based markers. 

The ink in Copic markers needs a smooth surface to work the ink into the paper. With a textured surface, the ink takes time to settle in. Ink needs to be absorbed as quickly as possible for the best illustrations.

Is manga manuscript paper good for use with Copic markers?

Manga manuscript paper is suitable for use with Copic markers. Manga manuscript is a natural white acid-free paper that usually comes in a pad. The thick paper is made specifically for creating manga or comics. While the paper is thick, it’s thin enough to go through a home office printer. 

It’s similar to mixed media paper that works well with all illustrations. Whether you use pens, pencils, or markers, a smooth surface makes them easy to draw on.

Is Strathmore marker paper good for use with Copic markers?

Strathmore marker paper works well with Copic markers. Strathmore paper is a premium quality paper designed for fine art. The Strathmore 400 Series Marker Pad is the best for producing vibrant colors.

The paper was made to avoid bleeding and allow you to illustrate on a smooth surface. The surface is excellent for blending colors, and the thickness works well for holding up layers of ink.

What is so special about Copic Paper?

Copic paper is designed to be used with Copic Markers. The paper was made to hold the ink and help the markers look as vibrant as the artist intends. The fast-drying ink and paper can be used for everything from fine art to crafts. 

The acid-free Copic paper is thicker and brighter than ordinary paper. Whether you choose white or off-white, the paper makes the ink have the real pop of color you are looking for in your drawings. 

The smooth texture is designed to work well with markers and pens, giving you the option to blend your colors and ink. The paper is thick, so you can create depth in your illustrations with layers of color while protecting your art from bleeding through. 

Summary: Best paper for Copic markers and other alcohol-based markers

While you can choose normal copy paper, cardstock, or even manga manuscript paper, Copic paper is the best for Copic markers.

The best paper for alcohol-based markers is a heavy paper that is smooth enough to blend colors without bleeding. So choosing your paper can often depend on how it feels drawing on the smooth surface. 

No matter what you choose, make sure your paper can handle the heavy ink. Whether you create layers of artwork or make beautiful cards with the right paper, you can always get the job done.