CB21-081 - Are scissors magnetic

Are scissors magnetic?

Are scissors magnetic?

Scissors are magnetic because they are made of steel, which contains iron. Steel is a magnetic alloy made from iron and carbon. If you bring a magnet close to your scissor blades, it will stick to them. There are positives and negatives to the magnetic properties of scissor blades. 

This can be helpful if you are trying to organize your crafting or sewing space. You can attach a magnet strip to a wall or cabinet to stick the scissors up for storage. 

However, the magnetic properties of scissor blades can be irritating if you’re trying to cut through the magnetic tape. The blades will tend to stick to the tape.

In this article, you will learn what magnetic materials scissors are made of and why scissors are not inherently magnets themselves. Additionally, we will show you how scissors can become magnets and how to demagnetize scissors that have become magnets. You will also learn about non-magnetic scissors and safety storage with magnetic scissor holders.

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What Magnetic Materials Are Scissors Made Of?

Scissor blades are usually made of steel. There are two common kinds of steel that scissors can be made of: carbon steel and stainless steel. Both of these contain iron which is a metal with magnetic properties. However, they each are composed of slightly different materials, which may affect the strength of their magnetism.

Carbon steel scissor blades are made of approximately 99% iron and only 1% carbon. These usually have chromium or nickel plating on the outside to prevent the blades from rusting. 

Stainless steel is usually made from 89% iron, 10% chromium, and only 1% carbon. These scissors are generally lighter and already have the built-in rust-proof chromium.

However, the actual composition of steel changes depending on the grade. For example, 304 and 316 stainless steel have a much lower iron content as they’re considered Austenitic steel. The lower iron content makes them be considered as non magnetic.

Why Are Scissors Not Magnets?

Although scissors can become magnetic, they are not built to be magnets. The reason for this lies in the way the blade metal is constructed. The carbon steel is made so that the magnetic fields are disorganized and cancel each other out.

The scissors can become magnets if introduced to a strong enough magnet. This will essentially pull the magnetic field of the scissor blades into alignment so that they begin attracting metal objects themselves.

However, there is no reason for scissors to be magnets since their primary function is to cut. Being magnets does not give an advantage to cutting and may even hinder their usefulness.

Can Scissors Become Magnets?

Scissors can become magnets if a powerful magnet touches the blades. It could become magnetic if you store your scissors next to a magnetic pincushion or a seam guide. While not a necessary function, it could help pick up pins or small metal materials.

However, Scissor magnets can also be troublesome because any magnet can do severe damage to a computer. Accidentally setting your scissors on top of or near your laptop or even your sewing machine if it has a computerized component can mess up the inner workings.

Your best bet is to keep your scissors away from any strong magnets to avoid any chance of them becoming magnets. Eventually, the everyday use of scissors will turn them into weak magnets since the blades sliding past each other can align the magnetic field. However, this action is not strong enough to be a cause for concern.

How to Demagnetize Scissors?

Once scissor blades become magnets, they can range from annoying to work with to downright dangerous to computers. You don’t have to worry about just getting rid of them, though. There is a way to demagnetize your scissor blades.

Take a magnet and rub it on the blades in several directions. This action will scramble the magnetic fields within the metal again. It will return the blades to the original state of neutrally magnetic.

Are There Any Scissors That Aren’t Magnetic?

There are several applications in which scissors that do not have magnetic blades are essential, usually for safety or medical reasons. Therefore, there are scissors that are made from materials that are not magnetic.

Surgical scissors are made from non-magnetic stainless steel. Scissors intended for use in MRI machines are usually made of titanium. Scissors made to be used for work with flammable materials are made from a non-magnetic alloy of bronze and aluminum.

There are also scissors on the market for general everyday use, including crafting with non-magnetic blades. These scissors are made from ceramic, so there is no metal component whatsoever. They boast a sharp enough edge to cut while not having the bothersome property of being attracted to magnets.

Is There Such a Thing As a Magnetic Scissors Holder?

Magnetic scissors holders exist, and they are a great addition to kitchen or craft storage and organization. These products are sheaths to slip the scissor blades into not only to protect the user when the scissors are stored but also to provide a way to store them.

The scissors can be safely attached to a magnet bar placed on the side of a cabinet or a wall in this magnetic holder. 

There are many different places to find this helpful safety tool. They are sold online from websites like Etsy and Amazon. You can also find them at most kitchen or craft stores like Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Joann’s Fabrics.

Summary: Are scissors magnetic?

Most scissor blades are magnetic because they are made of either carbon or stainless steel, containing the magnetic metal iron. While scissors are designed not to be magnets themselves, they can become magnets if introduced to a powerful magnet. Scissor blades can be demagnetized by rubbing a magnet on the blades to disrupt the magnetic field.

Typically scissors that are magnets are not useful as they can damage computer systems. Some scissors are not made of magnetic material, such as ceramic, bronze aluminum, or non-magnetic stainless steel. Magnetic scissor holders are helpful for the safe storage of scissors in both the kitchen and craft area.